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Wismec Tanks

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Wismec Vape Tanks

Wismec is an up and coming vaping supplies company that specializes in the design of new vaping products. The face of Wismec is their expert engineer JayBo. He has brought Wismec to life for tens of thousands of social media users. His years of design experience are a perfect compliment to the creative efforts of the researchers, designers and sales team that make up Wismec.

Wismec has teamed up with other well-known vaping supplies companies like VapeForward and BeyondVape to bring new and innovative products to the market to keep vapers happy. Wismec's staff includes some of the finest research and development minds in the industry. Their talented team gets it right from the first spark of an idea on through to the manufacturing process.

Wismec tanks are proudly designed in California and manufactured in China. Thanks to American ingenuity, Wismec has some of the most inventive products on the market. They invite select designers that they trust to make stylish and functional mods so that every vaper has a rich and rewarding experience. Wismec products are manufactured in China to ensure that they can deliver enriching vape setups to vapers across the globe at competitive prices.

Wismec continues to develop new vaporizer technologies so that they can climb to the top of the industry. They are working with fellow innovators to bring the most reliable vaping products to the market. Got Vape is happy to include some of Wismec's best products on our website.

Wismec Inde Duo

The Inde Duo Atomizer is a member of Jaybo's RDA series. The Inde Duo was built with a detachable structure to make it easy to clean. The Inde Duo has an optional atomizer tube addition. Its unique no-thread design and heat-resistant O-ring makes assembly easier. The heating coils are rebuildable for the vapers who like ultimate customizability. With a quick twist, you can control the airflow and your clouds. To top it all off, the Inde Duo has a unique vortex flow design with a conical top cap for a singularly pleasurable vaping experience.

Wismec Indestructible RDA

The Wismec Indestructible RDA is available in smooth black and stunning silver. Both color options are constructed entirely in 303 stainless steel for maximum durability throughout the entire atomizer. The Indestructible is a stunning breakthrough in vaping technology from JayBo. An innovative top cap hides an adjustable airflow control that allows you to precisely regulate your clouds thanks to the Indestructible airflow washer. Simply rotate it to mutate your vaping experience to match your needs. This vortex airflow technology brings you the best possible flavor and amazing atomizing performance. Two creative juice wells store a well of liquid and extra cotton to keep coils saturated and you vaping for as long as possible while also allowing for the use of a single coil. The Indestructible atomizer deck is one of the easiest to build thanks to its open slot wire terminals and massive juice wells. Choose the Indestructible if you're looking for a build deck that allows total freedom.

Wismec Atomizers

The Wismec Theorem Atomizer, also designed by JayBo, is the company's first drip tank hybrid. It features a stainless steel NotchCoil and an open wicking system. The Theorem utilizes a top airflow juice plug and a solid leak-proof sleeve design. Simply remove the glass sleeve to get to the build area to insert cotton and coils. You can easily refill the atomizer without changing the airflow settings by removing the top airflow cap to expose the fill port. The Theorem RTA is truly a convenient atomizer for a vaper on the go.

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