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WISPR Vaporizer Replacement Parts

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WISPR Vaporizers are manufactured by Oglesby & Butler, a brand that was first established in 1984. The brand actually started as a producer of butane-powered tools, and their commitment to premium quality spread their products through the global marketplace at a quick pace. They are constantly trying to innovate new techniques to produce products in a way that is highly efficient. They are well-known as an industry leader in each field they do business. One of their most prominent brands is Portasol, the name for their line of gas power tools.

The company expanded their impressive reach into the vaporizer field in 2008. Their primary manufacturing facility is located in Carlow, Ireland, and every product they make is stamped with the Irish phrase for 'Made in Ireland'. They first entered the vaporizer market with a line of portable personal aromatherapy devices under the IOLITE name. These devices are butane powered, just like the power tools that Oglesby & Butler made their reputation by producing. Their goal was to create a vaporizer that would provide consistent hits without the need to constantly recharge the battery. Their vaporizers are currently available in over 150 countries across the globe, and they hope to expand their reach as far as it will go.

WISPR Vaporizer Run Time

The WISPR vaporizer is the second iteration of the IOLITE line. It is designed for use with ground aromatic blends and loose leaf herbs. Since the device uses butane as a heat source, it only takes about 40 seconds for it to reach its optimal vaping temperature. The device can provide roughly 15 hits per load of the fill chamber, which is slightly more than what you might expect from a standard cigarette. The butane has a fill window so you can be sure you aren't overusing the device, and it runs for about 2 hours when completely filled with butane.

High Quality WISPR Accessories

The ingenuity behind the WISPR is that it contains a central heating pin that allows the material within to heat at a completely even pace. This helps prevent combustion and guarantees hits that are identical every time. Products of this quality are rare in the vaporizer market, and we at understand the value of such devices to the vaping community. That is why we stock a full supply of WISPR vaporizer replacement parts and accessories.

The first product in our stock of WISPR vaporizer replacement parts is the WISPR Vaporizer Mouthpiece and Chamber. This component is the primary removable component for the device, which has relatively few removable parts at all due to its premium architecture. The chamber end of this unit is loaded with your ground blend, and it is inserted into the body of the WISPR device. The mouthpiece remains just outside the body of the device, which allows for convenient draws. The mouthpiece can also be used with a mouthpiece cover if you plan to use the device in social settings.

The next item we have in our list of WISPR vaporizer replacement parts is the WISPR Vaporizer Mouthpiece Tips 5 PK. This pack of five mouthpiece tips designed specifically for the WISPR will make sharing your vapor a breeze. These tips are great for singular use as well since they help protect the proper mouthpiece from residue build-up and general wear and tear. The system is made from a durable plastic known as ultem, and the mouthpiece tips share this feature.

The last item in our stock is an accessory for the WISPR, the WISPR Vaporizer Custom Case. This carrying case is made from a durable plastic shell and an eggshell foam interior to protect your WISPR while on the go.