Clapton Kanthal Wire 10 ft by Wulf Mods


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Enjoy the best sub-ohm vaporizing experience by designing your own coil with this 10-foot spool of prewrapped WulfMods clapton wire, an essential part of any vape builder's toolbox.


Product Description

Whether you're looking to build your own atomizer or just want to replace the coils in the vape you already have, this WulfMods wire is crafted from premium quality metal alloys, and it is designed to streamline the process of building/replacing your own coils while delivering the perfect-tasting vape experience. Coils made using this wire have high compatibility and can be used with virtually all brands of vaporizers. 

The taste provided by this WulfMods wire is unparalleled by other coil source materials in the vaping industry. The vapor it produces is heavy and thick, yet doesn't drown out the natural flavor of the herb. Currently available in 24 and 26-gauge Kanthal wire, each spool is skillfully created to provide the flavor of a Genesis or Taifun vaporizer, but with the strength and vapor output of a Dripper device. It therefore offers the best of both words, providing great flavor during vaporizing in addition to an impressive level of vapor output.

While it is recommended for people with some previous knowledge of building vapes, even newbies can learn to craft their own coils with this premium WulfMods wire by doing a little online research. The fact that this wire is prewrapped is another advantage for both novices and experts alike, as this will save the time and effort of winding the wire by hand, as well as guard against "hot spots" from developing in coils that are caused by the wire being twisted unevenly. Since it comes in a ready-to-use spool, the process of building vape coils with this wire involves simply cutting off the needed length and getting down to work.

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