Straight Kanthal Wire 10 ft by Wulf Mods


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Savor the exquisite taste offered by sub-ohm vaporizing with your own coil built with this 10 ft. spool of straightened Kanthal wire, a vital component to any vape builder's tool kit.


Product Description

Maybe you're hoping to create your own atomizer, or perhaps you just need to perform a coil replacement for the vape you already own -- either way, this straightened WulfMods wire is constructed with high-grade Kanthal metal, and it takes the hassle out of the coil building/replacing process while providing delicious taste and maximum vapor output. Coils crafted with this wire are compatible with practically all sorts of atomizers and vaporizers.

The flavor experienced with vapes made of this WulfMods wire is unmatched by other coil wire brands available today. It generates a dense cloud of thick vapor without overpowering the pure flavor of your herb. This Kanthal wire is presently available in five sizes: 20, 22, 24, 26, and 28 gauges, and every spool is masterfully designed to provide users with flavor on par with that of a Taifun or Genesis vape, yet offering the same power and vapor levels of a Dripper unit. It thereby affords users with the best of both sides, dispensing tremendous taste while vaporizing and generating a lot of dense vapor.

Although it is intended to be used by experienced vape builders, newcomers can also discover how to build their own vapes with this superior WulfMods wire by checking out the wealth of online tutorials available. The fact that this Kanthal wire is flattened or straightened makes it less complicated and more effective to create parallel and twisted builds for rebuildable atomizers, a great benefit for both newbies and professionals. Since more wire is evenly exposed to the heating element when it's straightened, "hot spots" or areas of excessive temperature are less likely to occur in the coil than with many types of rounded or twisted wire. 

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