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Wulf Mods Batteries

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  • Wulf Maxx 18650 40 amp 2500 mAh Battery

    Wulf Maxx 18650 40 amp 2500 mAh Battery offers the ultimate level of power for Wulf Mods vaporizers. Its massive 3000 mAh rating is more than adequate to provide all-day vaping for most users. The 40 amp limit is tailor made for sub ohm vaping, and Wulf Mods batteries use IMR technology for improved performance and safety.

  • 18350 ICR Battery by Wulf Mods

    The 18350 ICR Battery by Wulf Mods is a li-ion rechargeable battery that is designed to be used with a variety of mechanical mods and other APV’s (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) such as the Suorin Drop Starter Kit, LNK Pod System Starter Kit by LNK Vapor, H-PRIV 2 Pro220w Temperature Control Kit with TFV12 Big Baby by SMOK,  and the Armour Pro 100w Box Mod with Cascade Baby Tank by Vaporesso, just to name a few. The 18350 ICR Battery by Wulf Mods is the perfect complement for mechanical mods, helping to deliver an incredible vape experience.

  • 18500 ICR Battery by Wulf Mods

    The 18500 ICR Battery by Wulf Mods is an innovative li-on rechargeable battery designed to power a variety of devices.

  • 18650 ICR Battery by Wulf Mods

    The 18650 ICR Battery by Wulf Mods is a pioneering battery compatible with mechanical mods and lower resistance coils. This lithium-ion battery offers higher mAh (storage capacity) making it essential for powering up your favorite devices. Suited for mechanical mods, this ego-friendly battery can power devices such as the Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod by Wulf Mods, K100 Telescopic Mod by Wulf Mods, Hell Hound Series Pro Mechanical Box Mod Kit by Wulf Mods and several more. The 18650 ICR Battery is the idea additive for your favorite mechanical mods, helping to deliver a vape experience like you’ve never had before.


Sturdy Wulf Mods Batteries

Your favorite Wulf Mods vaporizer includes one of the most powerful batteries on the market, and stocks Wulf Mods batteries so that you can add an extra or replace the one you have. It can be very convenient to keep a spare battery on hand, and our prices are so good that you might want order more than one. When you factor in our super fast shipping, getting a replacement battery here is a wise choice.

There are several replacement batteries from Wulf Mods here to choose from. Chief among these is the Wulf Maxx 18650 40 amp 3000 mAh battery. This premium mod battery is manufactured with the same quality that vapers have come to expect from the Wulf Mods brand. It is also noteworthy to mention that the company focuses on making batteries that are friendly to the environment and also include all of the latest safety features such as short circuit protection. also has several of the popular ICR style batteries for vaporizers from Wulf Mods in three different sizes: 18350, 18500, or 18650. No matter which vaporizer you are using, you'll find the correct replacement battery in our vast inventory.

Batteries are something vapers sometimes overlook when becoming informed about their vaporizer. One should know the specifics of different types of batteries and purchase only from a trusted vape vendor such as as opposed to buying over the counter in an electronics store. All batteries are not the same. For example, the ICR style battery makes use of a protected circuit. Using the wrong battery in your mod can damage the vaporizer. It is advisable to avoid generic batteries and stick with those made for your vaporizer. When you purchase one of these Wulf Mods batteries from you can do so with the confidence that you aren't putting your mod at risk.

When you receive your Wulf Mods batteries it is important to break them in properly by proceeding through a series of cycles in which the battery is allowed to fully drain and then recharge. Doing this will help to ensure you get the most from your new lithium ion batteries.

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Wulf Mods has worked hard to become a trusted brand in the vaping industry. All of the mods, replacement parts, and batteries they design are routinely given the highest ratings and reviews. This is why many vapers return to these premier products again and again. If you are using a vaporizer from Wulf Mods it only makes sense to use the batteries that were specifically engineered for them. It can be extremely frustrating when a vaporizer will not fire because the battery has failed. If you keep a spare around you won't go through the anguish of being without your go-to vaporizer while you wait for one to arrive.

We have the right battery for your Hell Hound or Lone Wulf Mechanical Box Mod from Wulf Mods. has taken all of the guesswork out of choosing the proper battery for your vaporizer by including them in this category. If you haven't tried a Wulf Mods vaporizer yet, allow yourself to see why they are a popular brand and are easy to maintain and keep in good working order.

While you are shopping for replacement batteries, be sure to check out our entire line of products for vapers. We have all of the most sought after mods and tanks, a huge selection of designer e-juices, and every replacement part you can imagine. We don't just want to be your preferred vendor. We want to be your partner in all things related to the vaping lifestyle.