Dab Rig Ceramic Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods


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A Dab Rig Ceramic Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods is a convenient and economic way to keep spare e-Nails for your Wulf Mods Dab Rig on hand. These e-Nails were developed to work with Wulf Mods Rig Vaporizers and engineered for optimum performance. Made from food and medical grade fine ceramics, these e-Nails render an incredible volume of vapor on every draw while boasting fantastic heat retention.


Product Description

Those who prefer to use a ceramic e-Nail in their dab rig typically do so for a couple of important reasons. The first of these is the food and medical grade nature of ceramics. These e-Nails can provide a smoother, purer vape that is flavorful with a bold draw. Although slightly less durable than Titanium or Quartz e-Nails, those made of ceramics are superior at the retention of heat. Of all three e-Nail varieties, ceramics will hold heat for the longest time. This makes for seamless vaping of concentrates and also helps to prevent burning because of how well the heat from the e-Nail is disbursed.

When you purchase a Dab Rig Ceramic Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods, you’re getting the same high quality e-Nails that ship with rig vaporizers from this brand. They are carefully crafted by trained professionals and subjected to the highest quality controls.

Depending on how often you vape, the e-Nail in your rig will require replacement periodically. Ordering in these packs of three helps to guarantee that you always have spares on hand when needed. 

Other Wulf Mods Rig Vaporizer replacement parts include the Dab Rig Quartz Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods. The primary advantage of Quartz e-nails is that they tend to heat up quicker than Titanium or ceramics, often in as little as 5-10 seconds. The Quartz used in these e-Nails is also of a food and medical grade which makes for a smooth, clean vape. The Dab Rig Titanium Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods will offer numerous advantages such as superior heat retention, a quick heat-up time, and outstanding durability.

Titanium e-Nails typically outlast the other two varieties. All of these Wulf Mods Vaporizer replacement parts are produced in the same facilities as original parts and can be trusted to uphold the integrity of the brand.

If you need Wulf Mods replacement coils, the Dab Rig Heating Coil by Wulf Mods was made specifically for the company’s rig vaporizer and allows you to change the coil without having to replace the entire base of the unit. You can also find a wide selection of Wulf Mods vaporizers, Wulf Mods tanks, and Wulf Mods batteries. The brand also stands behind all of their products with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If a product you receive is defective on arrival, Wulf Mods will replace it at no additional charge.

Wulf Mods is based in Corona, California where they work tirelessly to produce vaporizers and accessories that are innovative and intuitive. They excel in staying on the cusp of new technologies and advancements, and work to incorporate these into evolving designs that are geared to keep pace with the active lifestyle of those who vape. Many team members at Wulf Mods also vape, so they have a keen understanding of what works and what the vaping community wants to see in their devices.

While you are shopping GotVape.com for a Dab Rig Ceramic Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods, be sure to check out all of the premium mods, tanks, and accessories in our vast inventory. We appreciate the special needs of those who prefer to vape dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates, and we work hard to stock all of the items you need from the most trusted brand names in the industry. If you have a question about these e-Nails or any of the products in our inventory, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may assist you.

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