Dab Rig Quartz Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods


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If you have experienced the superior performance of Wulf Mods Rig Vaporizers, the Dab Rig Quartz Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods is the convenient and economical way to keep your rig in top shape. These Quartz e-Nails boast a fast heat-up time and are of a food and medical grade nature that makes each draw flavorful and smooth while helping to reduce the presence of impurities that can affect vapor volume and flavor.


Product Description

Rig vaporizers from Wulf Mods support the use of Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz e-Nails. Quartz is preferred by those who dab concentrates because it takes less time to heat up than the other two. It will heat in 5-10 seconds and render copious amounts of vapor. Additionally, the nature of Quartz itself is of a food and medical grade quality, which means that every draw is typically smoother and purer. If you want to get the ultimate essence of your concentrates, a Quartz e-Nail is the way to go.

A Dab Rig Quartz Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods offers three outstanding virtues. The first of these is premium quality. These e-Nails are engineered in the same environment as the Wulf Mods vaporizers the entire vaping community is raving about. All Wulf Mods vaporizer replacement parts, for both dabbing rigs and traditional devices, must satisfy the stringent quality controls employed by this brand. The second virtue is convenience. Purchasing in packs of three lets you keep spares on hand. Finally, this three-pack is economical. Your price per e-Nail is kept lower when your purchase one of these packs.

Other Wulf Mods Rig Vaporizer Replacement Parts include the Dab Rig Titanium Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods. Titanium e-Nails are highly regarded for their durability as well as their heat retention. If you prefer, there is also the Dab Rig Ceramic Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods. Ceramics also have a food and medical grade nature and will retain heat for longer periods of time. When the time comes to replace the heating coil in your rig, the Dab Rig Heating Coil by Wulf Mods is just one of several Wulf Mods replacement coils that are available. You can purchase any of these replacement parts with the confidence that you are getting the very best the market has to offer.

Wulf Mods first gained popularity for their exceptional tanks and mods. Today, in addition to Wulf Mods tanks and Wulf Mods batteries, the brand has expanded its reach to serve those who prefer to vape dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates by producing rig vaporizers that can turn any 510-threaded box mod into a dabbing rig. A large part of the success enjoyed by this brand can be chalked up to the experience of its staff. The company uses professional designers, research and development specialists, and other industry professionals that have many years of combined experience in vaporizer production. From their headquarters in Southern California, Wulf Mods works hard to stay on the cutting-edge of new technologies so that they can implement the latest advancements into their products.

While you are shopping GotVape.com for a Dab Rig Quartz Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods, be sure to check out all of the accessories we have for dabbing. You’ll find tools, rigs, and so much more in our vast inventory. We also cater to those who prefer traditional e-juices with one of the largest selections of designer blends found at any online retailer. If you have a question about these e-Nails or any of the products we carry, feel free to contact us so that one of our friendly staff members can assist you.

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