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The Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit By Wulf Mods is made from the same company that brought you the iconic Lone Wulf and Hell Hound Mechanical Mods. The Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit is made high quality Quartz dual coils for efficient vaporization of your essential oils.


Product Description

The transparent glass dome retains the heat well from the dual coils giving you a comfortable session every time. The Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit by Wulf Mods is compatible with any 510 thread vaporizer, but is recommended for use with Wulf Mods and Exxus Vape products.

The Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit By Wulf Mods is the ideal attachment piece for concentrate lovers. The Wulf Mods Dome kits are made for durability and extended use that’s bound to last you session after session.  This unit has a user-friendly element for heating, and it is encased by dual coils.  The dome kit setup accommodates your favorite essential oils and concentrates. When places on the dual quartz coils, the dome kit will house your vapor and give you a flavorful inhale with every draw.  The Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Dome has a 510 thread, and it is 2 3/8 inches long.  This item is extremely easy to use, complete with instructions for setting it up and use

Wulf Mods Vaporizer replacement parts are also available for your Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Dome kit. If you should have a problem with your Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit, you don’t have to worry because there are Wulf Mods Vaporizer Replacement Parts available to keep you vaping.  The Quartz Dual Coil Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods are replacement coils for your dome kit.  The Wulf Mods Replacement Coils are made to stringent requirements, and are developed to fit perfectly with the Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit.  It is vital that your coils work correctly at all times so that you get the maximum output and full taste when vaporizing your essential oils and concentrates. We recommend changing out atomizers at least once a month to keep a clean, flavorful draw every session.

Another spare part that can work well with units that the Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit attaches to are the Wulf Mods Batteries. The 18350 IMR Mod Batteries by Wulf Mods are sold individually and can effectively power your vaporizer devices. These rechargeable AA NiMh batteries are available in different sizes and are used with mechanical Mods and APV’s. Always make sure you read the battery safety disclaimers and never use your batteries in an unsafe environment. Battery safety is the upmost importance, never use your battery with a non-compatible device.

GotVape.com strives to bring you the best products in the vaporizer industry. Wulf Mods is one of those top companies that creates a well-respected line of vaping products that are known for their excellence in manufacturing of all their units. They stand behind the quality of all their products and offer industry leading warranties as well.  Wulf Mods is located in Southern California and brings everything from dry herb vaporizers, to competition Mods and even have their own E-Liquid line of Wulf Brew.  Our excellent customer service team that is here for your assistance with a vast knowledge and experience in all Wulf Mods products. This will allow you to garner all the information you need to know about your vaping equipment to ensure you vape safely and enjoy every vaporizing experience.

For further questions regarding purchasing this Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Dome by Wulf Mods or any other products through Got Vape, reach out to our customer service team via email or telephone at 888-827-3101.

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