Wulf Plus Sub Tank Coils 5 pk by Wulf Mods


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The Wulf Plus Sub Tank Coils 5 pk by Wulf Mods is a convenient and economical way to replace the coils in a Wulf Plus Sub Tank by Wulf Mods. These coils are crafted from quality materials such as stainless steel and 100% organic cotton to function perfectly and deliver efficient and effective heating. They will last up to three weeks or more before requiring replacement, so this pack gives you a four to five month supply. 


Product Description

Coils are arguably the most important part of any sub tank. The coils in the Wulf Plus Sub Tank by Wulf Mods will need to be replaced every two to three weeks depending on how often you vape. Replacing the coils in this tank is easy and takes only a few seconds. This package of Wulf Mods replacement coils can be ordered in 0.2 ohm, 0.5 ohm, and Ni200 varieties to suit individual preferences. Whether you want large clouds, more flavor, or a combination of both, Wulf Mods have you covered. Many vapers prefer to purchase a package of each because they are so affordable. No matter which variety you choose, each set of coils is backed by the reputation of Wulf Mods.

The Wulf Plus Sub Tank by Wulf Mods, the tank for which these coils were engineered, is an affordable and sturdy tank that is constructed from stainless steel and durable glass tubing. It can withstand the rigors of intense use and is a great tank for beginners. It has a top fill system that makes adding e-juice easy and a removable drip tip. It is just one of many superior tanks that have been produced by Wulf Mods since their inception. They are also known for the popular Hell Hound Mechanical Box Mod by Wulf Mods. 

Other replacement parts for Wulf Mods tanks and Wulf Mods vaporizers include the Wulf Plus Sub Tank Replacement Washer 2pk by Wulf Mods. These washers help the Wulf Plus to make and keep a good seal. They should be checked often for normal wear and replaced as needed. All Wulf Mods vaporizer replacement parts are subjected to the highest standards of quality control. The brand meets all industry standard certifications for quality and safety, something that is especially important where sub tanks are concerned. Because these tanks are designed to vape at low resistances, more strain is placed on the battery. When placed under heavy strain, some batteries can malfunction and pose a safety risk. It is critical that you purchase sub tanks and batteries from a trusted brand like Wulf Mods.

Wulf Mods is based in Corona, California, an epicenter of vaping culture and vaporizer production. Many of the talented professionals on the Wulf Mods team are vapers themselves, so they have a unique perspective on what vapers want to see in their tanks and replacement parts. This perspective, combined with an attitude of innovation and invention, has resulted in Wulf Mods becoming one of the fastest growing brands in the industry. Wulf Mods has gained a reputation in the vaping community for producing high-quality tanks that are affordably priced. These tanks are durable and long-lasting, and deliver the precision necessary in a great sub ohm rig.

While you are shopping GotVape.com for the Wulf Plus Sub Tank Coils 5 pk by Wulf Mods, please be sure to check out all of the products from this great brand. Wulf Mods even produces their own line of designer e-juices to use in Wulf Mods vaporizers. If you have any questions or concerns about which tank or replacement part is right for you, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email. 

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