Male Titianium 14/18mm Bucket Domeless Nail by Wulf Mods


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The Male Titianium 14/18mm Bucket Domeless Nail by Wulf Mods is a component for a ground joint water pipe, and it can be used with either 14mm or 18mm female joints. This nail is a perfect way to enjoy delicious vapor from your concentrates, and it is made from durable titanium that will last a lifetime.


Product Description

The design of the unit includes a swinging bucket that acts as the heating element and vaporization point. This nail is made by Wulf Mods, one of the leaders of the vaporizer industry.

Wulf Mods is one of the most well-known names in the vaping industry, and their expertise in the field has been ported into this component for a ground glass joint. Such joints are typically found on water pipes or other such devices, and this one allows for the vaporization of concentrates at extremely high temperatures, producing extremely pure vapor. This Male Titianium 14/18mm Bucket Domeless Nail by Wulf Mods is just one example of the Wulf Mods vaporizer replacement parts available in our inventory at

Wulf Mods Vaporizers are some of the most reliable on the entire market, and their innovation has allowed them to maintain a strong position compared to other big names in the field. They make an assortment of products for vape users of all levels, and their commitment to crafting the best items they can has certainly been worth the effort. They not only sell full vaporizer kits, but they also have a wide assortment of spare parts and even many e-liquids to go in their pen-style vaporizers.

This titanium nail from Wulf Mods is one of a kind for its design and its utility. Since the nail can be used with either 14mm or 18mm joints, it will work with just about any female glass ground joint. The titanium material of the nail is incredibly durable and makes a great insulator to hold heat while the bucket is being prepped for vaporization. Once the bucket has been adequately heated, the arm allows it to easily swing down into the domeless nail, where it is ready to receive the concentrate.

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Those who are just starting to enter the world of concentrates might be interested in the Dab Disc Silicone Concentrate Containers by Wulf Mods. These soft silicone containers have screw-on tops that perfectly seal against the air, and they are ideally sized for storing and carrying a decent volume of concentrate material. These disc containers make it easy to enjoy your concentrate on the go without having to worry about spillage or leaking.

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