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The Wulf Tech Skillet Dab Tool by Wulf Mods is one of a series of tools designed by Wulf Mods for use with domeless nails, vapor domes, and filling chambers of pen-style vaporizers. Made by one of the most reputable brands in the vaping industry, this tool is constructed from durable stainless steel and built to last. It is compact in size and carries easily with the rest of your dabbing accessories.


Product Description

Dabbing is a popular form of using essential oils and waxy concentrates. Dabbing has been used for more than ten years, but the advances in vaporizer technology have made it even more popular and opened up the practice to more individuals who prefer vaping their concentrates. This tool is used to place a "dab" or amount of concentrate on an e-nail or heating element. It is approximately 5.5 inches in length and has a dual tip for added convenience and precision. The skillet tip is designed to hold just the right amount of concentrate and prevent waste. The material used for construction is stainless steel of a grade used in medical/food industries, ensuring a more pristine vaping experience. The use of the tool is incredibly simple. All you do is place the appropriate amount of essential oil or concentrate on the skillet and then place it onto or into your chosen device.

The Wulf Tech Skillet Dab Tool by Wulf Mods is part of a new line of tools from Wulf Mods that also include the Wulf Tech Scoop Dab Tool by Wulf Mods, the Wulf Tech Flat Head Dab Tool by Wulf Mods, and the Wulf Tech Spoon Dab Tool by Wulf Mods. All of these tools boast the same ergonomic design that makes them comfortable and easy to hold. All have dual tips, all are made of strong stainless steel, and all are backed by the reputation of a brand that vapers recognize as a leader in vaporizers and accessories for the use of dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates.

Many Wulf Mods vaporizers can easily be used for vaping concentrates with the addition of Wulf Mods vaporizer replacement parts such as the Ceramic Concentrate Dome Kit by Wulf Mods. This glass dome is 510 threaded, making it compatible with most Wulf Mods' pen style vaporizers. It boasts Grade 2 Titanium and premium grade ceramics to offer the best vaping experience. Everything you need to replace an existing heating chamber and mouthpiece are included with this kit, and you can be vaping your concentrates in minutes after opening the box.

Wulf Mods is an all-inclusive provider of vaporizers and related accessories including Wulf Mods replacement coils and more. Now, they have added these exceptional dabbing tools to their offerings. Based in Corona, California, Wulf Mods has a unique perspective on vaporizer technology and the vaping community. Many of the experienced professionals employed by Wulf Mods also vape, so they understand what vapers look for in their devices. The devices and components produced by Wulf Mods are all compliant with the latest industry certifications for safety and quality. Each item must pass numerous quality controls before it is approved for market. As time goes by, more and more vapers are associating the Wulf Mods logo with durability, precision, and excellence.

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