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The Wulf Tech Spoon Dab Tool by Wulf Mods is a trusty product for fans of routine concentrated essential oil vaporization. This tool was constructed using sturdy and durable food grade stainless steel. The Wulf Tech Spoon Dab Tool has convenient dual tips located on both of its sides. These tips increase the capacity of essential oils. This tool is suitable for everything from vape pens to domeless nails. It boasts a highly sleek and ergonomic look.


Product Description

The Wulf Tech Spoon Dab Tool by Wulf Mods is appropriate for big concentrated essential oil vaporization enthusiasts. If you enjoy vaping concentrated oils, this narrow tool may be able to help you out. It's made of a first-rate food and medical grade stainless steel that's the epitome of strong and tough. People can use the Wulf Tech Spoon Dab Tool in conjunction with domeless nails, vape pens and even vapor globes. This tool isn't only useful. It's also visually enticing due to its ergonomic and streamlined style. This Wulf Mods tool has dual tips that are located on both of its ends. These tips are beneficial because they enable vapers to hold more essential oils. 

This dab tool's stainless steel is chemically inert. This is helpful because it enables users to put their concentrated essential oils into all different varieties of filling chambers for vape pens. It also enables them to put their oils into all kinds of vapor domes and domeless nails.

Wulf Mods provides vapers with many useful choices in dab tools. The spoon tool is just one example. Other available dab tools include scoops, skillets and flat heads. These tools all have a lot in common with the spoon. They're all made of first-rate stainless steel. They're all optimal for people who appreciate frequent concentrated essential oil vaporization as well. People can select specific dab tools based on their individual lifestyle requirements and preferences. 

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