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That Xtra Flavor

That Xtra Flavor

The Delicious Flavor of Xtra Disposable Bars

Xtra Disposable Bars brings the disposable vaporizers to a whole new level! With 1500 flavorful puffs in every bar, you’ll indulge in all-day flavor without needing to replace as often. The 11 different savory profiles each bar is packed with so much flavor you’ll want to try them all. Each disposable is also pre-filled with 5.0mL 5%(50MG) Salt Nic and an internal 280mAh battery.

Xtra What is a Disposable Bar

What is a Disposable bar?

Disposable vaporizers or disposable bars as they are more commonly known are all-in-one portable vaporizers that offer single all-day use and once done can simply be thrown away. Equipped with everything you need these handhelds are pre-filled and feature an internal battery making them totally maintenance free. As an easy tool for anyone transitioning from traditional consumption to vaping, disposables deliver impressive vapor and flavor in a discreet, convenient manner.

Xtra How to Use a Disposable Vaporizer

How to Use a Disposable?

Disposable vaporizers are very easy to use. Typically auto draw, they are a straightforward process.

1. First start by simply removing that vape from its package

2. Since most disposables made for auto draw, simply inhale to start. If there happens to be a button, press to power on. Typically, an indicator light will flash to signal the vape is ready to use.

3. Next, you’re going to want to inhale through the mouthpiece. If there is no button, draw and the vaporizer will light up ready for use.

4. Exhale the vapor and enjoy!

Generally, when using a disposable for the first time you are going to want to take smaller draws. This is because it helps the user take in less vapor which ultimately can be less overwhelming. For some first time users, deep inhalations and massive vapor can be unpleasant.

More on Xtra Disposables

More powerful than the rest, Xtra Disposable Bars deliver that extra jam-packed flavor! Since arriving on the market, these disposables have taken over with its whopping 1500 puffs. With 11 sugar coated, potent flavors to choose from, each disposable is pre-filled with 5.0mL 5%(50MG) Salt Nic and an internal 280mAh battery. From Apple, a delicious apple cognition to Mango Tango, a sweet yet tangy combination, Xtra Disposable Bars have the flavors that simply can’t be beat. Delicious, delectable fruit flavors indulge in the ready-to-vape Xtra Disposable Bars.