Yocan Dive Mini Dab Pen Vaporizer by Yocan


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The Yocan Dive Mini Vaporizer delivers the best possible experience that you’ll get from a wax pen.


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Product Description

Dive into Innovation

The Phenomenal Yocan Dive Mini Vaporizer

Yocan Dive Mini Diagram

Employing multiple functional use and coming in a compact form this device delivers discreet yet effective offers convenient vaping right to the palm of your hand. Keeping the user’s overall experience in mind, this device provides personalized sessions depending on your needs.


The Yocan Dive Mini is made up of four parts: the glass attachment, the body or battery (400mAh), the power button and the mouthpiece. Acting as both a nectar collector that allows the user to dab straight from their wax container and as a dab pen for traditional vaping this multifaceted device delivers top performance with convenient use.

Yocan Dive Mini laying down on office desk

The Dive Mini wax pen is also outfitted employing a single power button for easy and to adjust between three voltage options for temperature flexibility. To adjust the voltage level after turning on the device, simply press the power button 3times rapidly. A light will glow to indicate the voltage level; white for 3.2V, Blue for 3.7V and green for 4.2V.

Yocan Dive Mini multi-functions

Inventive, this device has 4 different styles of vaping.

Style 1: Traditional vaping with XTAL coil

This standard style is vaping works like a dab pen using the XTAL Coil. Attached to the battery, the user can load their coil with wax concentrates and draw from the Dive Mini’s steel mouthpiece.

Style 2: Vaping using a glass attachment

Employing a XTAL coil, this style of vaping allows you to use the glass attachment for both smoother and cooled draws. Also, with the glass attachment the vapor diffuses some of the natural irritants in it.

Style 3: Nectar Collector Style with a XTAL Tip

Users can use the XTAL tip which turns the Dive Mini dab pen into a nectar collector. With this, users can directly dab straight from the container and draw vapors from the steel mouthpiece.

Style 4: Nectar Collector Style with glass attachment using the XTAL tip

Using the same coil and setup, simply exchange the steel mouthpiece with the glass attachment for cooled vapor and better flavor.

Yocan Dive Mini standing on table

These levels of customization are something you wouldn’t see on other devices at the same price point which makes the Yocan Dive Mini a unique wax pen giving you four modes for the price of one.

The Yocan Dive Mini dab pen also utilizes magnetic connection. No more dealing with screwing attachments on and off, with the Dive Mini and magnetic connection for both attachments and the mouthpiece save your time. Simply attach in a snap and know your attachment is secure. Charge your device easily and convenient with built-in USB charging. Charge anytime, anywhere with the help of a cord.

Coming in Black and Silver, don’t miss out on the compact yet effective Yocan Dive Mini Vaporizer!

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