Sutra Aluminum 4 Piece 65mm Grinder


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Grinding and vaping your favorite dry herb brings out a wonderfully flavorful taste that will have you feeling nirvana in a matter of minutes. This explains why the Sutra Aluminum 4 piece 65mm Grinder is so sought after from vape enthusiasts who are looking for that fresh quality flavor in each draw. Constructed out of machine-grade aluminum and finished with top-quality gloss protecting the metal, this grinder is both durable and portable. It fits comfortably in the hand as well as looks good while you’re using it.


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This quality grinder preps fresh dry herbs or aromatherapy for vaporizing making it much easier to use and load your herbs. The Sutra Aluminum 4 piece 65mm Grinder employs milled teeth inside that will completely shred the dry herbs inside the unit. This grinder makes breaking down dry herbs so easy, just a twist of the wrist and your herb gets grounded finely. It makes the entire prep time process faster and overall more clean. A quality grinder is a must have for a serious vaper who prefers utilizing dry herb.

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    umm.. awesome!

    Nice colors so I know which one is mine and I know if peeps be stealing it! Also, the quality is great. Idk why people wouldnt spend the extra 5 for a bigger grinder?? MY RECOMMENDATION... and smart move is to get this one!! can pack more for those big bleezys and you get more kief at the bottom!! its not as expensive as some other grinders... although this is not that far from up there with the price.. but you pay for the quality

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