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Arizer Vaporizers

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Arizer Vaporizers

Who is Arizer Vaporizers?

Offering top vaporizers and accessories, Arizer Vaporizer is a trusted company in the community that just can’t be beat. Open for over a decade, it has developed to an outstanding and reputable brand. They take no shortcuts, making sure to build each device or accessory with superior parts. Delivering nothing less than excellence, Azirer Vaporizer is an incredible maven far above the rest.

Desktop Vaporizer

Known for innovation, Arizer Vaporizer did not skip any details while constructing the amazing, Extreme Q Vaporizer. This remarkable desktop vaporizer is perfect for your dry herb and oils, allowing you to vaporizer them at the perfect temperature for a more customized session. This bad boy employs either a balloon or whip for optimal performance and refreshing inhales.

It is constructed of top-quality metal, glass, ceramic and food-grade plastic for a durable frame as well as resilient. The Extreme Q Vaporizer includes a remote control for convenience and integrates six different temperature settings. The internal fan can also be set to three different speeds. There is an LED display at the front of the unit for reading and adjust settings.

To use this device, start by setting it on a table or flat surface so that is won’t move or tip over. Press the power button located on the front of the device. You can also power on the vape by simply using the remote control. Next, choose your desired temperature. Place your favorite oils or pack your dry herbs into the bowl and you’re ready to go! Simple as that.

The Extreme Q Vaporizer will heat within minutes. Attach the whip or balloon on the vaporizer for easy use and satisfying sessions. If you are looking for a lightweight desktop vaporizer, then look no further than the Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer Vaporizers.

Variable Voltage

Portable Vaporizers

Arizer Vaporizers doesn’t stop at Desktop Vaporizers; they have branched out including Portable Vaporizers, allowing the user to enjoy their goodies on the go. The top portable vaporizer is the Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer. Compatible with your favorite dry herbs, it offers numerous features including continuous running times, adjustable temperature controls and a rechargeable internal lithium battery.

Measuring at 29mm by 122mm this petite vaporizer also incorporates easy to use functionality as well as sturdy ceramic heating components for optimal performance. The device incorporates a sturdy shell that defends against potential damage and offers impressive durability. It also has a vented top that maintains cool and comfortable even while in use.

This incredible portable vaporizer comes with five different temperature settings. The lowest being blue or known as Level 1. The highest temperature setting on the other hand is red or Level 5. The in between temperature settings are white, green and orange. Level 1 can achieve temperatures to 356°F, while Level 5 can reach all the way to 410°F. People who purchase the Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer also receive numerous other crucial accessories. These include a battery, a power adapter, a stirring tool for convenience, a pair of silicone stem caps, a transparent protective silicone skin for protection, a glass dish, a glass tube, another glass tube with an included tip and a belt-clip carry case for easy access.

If you’re a passionate vaper that enjoys authentic, full-bodied flavors on the go, then look no further than the Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer by Arizer Vaporizers.

Another great portable vaporizer option is the Solo 2 Vaporizer by Arizer Vaporizers. Featuring fast conductive heating, a powerful long-lasting battery, and clear digital screen display with customizable temperature controls, how could you not want this device?

The Solo 2 Vaporizer is compatible with your favorite dry herb, this vaporizer is slim and has a simple design making it idea for both beginners and seasons users. With a 30 second warm up time it can reach its highest temperate in a matter of minutes. With the employed digital screen, users can easily customize their sessions, turning the unit to the exact desired temperature you want. In the digital menu you can control timers, the screen brightness, the volume of the buttons’ and either the Celsius or Fahrenheit of the temperature readings.

Included with every purchase you will receive four screens, two borosilicate glass stems, a stir tool, a aromatherapy dish and a three-pocket carrying case. Perfect for any type of vaper, the Solo 2 Vaporizer by Arizer Vaporizers is an incredible, unmatched device at a great price.


Arizer Vaporizers also includes amazing accessories to accommodate your devices. The Extreme Vaporizer Custom Carrying Case is a handy, convenient case to pair with your Arizer Extreme Q. Hand molded, this carrying case are crafted from premium, top-quality ABS thermoplastic materials allowing them to survive the daily wear and tear. Even though the case is hard protected, the Extreme Vaporizer Custom Carrying Case is lightweight and molded to protect the contents inside its case. The Extreme Vaporizer Custom Carrying Case employs a tightly closing lid with full length piano hinges with stainless-steel pins for strength and durability. The O-Ring is made from hollow silicone tubing which is sure to retain the same shape and keeping the seal strong over time. The Extreme Vaporizer Custom Carrying Case is also compatible with the Arizer Glass Cyclone Bowls, Ballon Bags, Elbow Adapter, Whip, Power Cord and mouthpieces. If you are looking for a sturdy, reliable case, the Extreme Vaporizer Custom Carrying Case is the perfect case for you.

One more great option from Arizer Vaporizers is the Extreme Q Vaporizer Spare Parts Kit. Compatible with your Arizer Extreme Q, use each piece of the Extreme Q Vaporizer Spare Parts Kit as needed to replace parts from the original. Most items from the kit can be maintained by cleaning with wipes or soaking them in mild soap and warm water. Please note, you have to make sure all the pieces are dry before using them. This convenient kit contains the following; a Extreme Q Vaporizer Balloon Kit, 2pc Extreme Q Vaporizer Screen Packs, 2pc Extreme Q Balloons, 1pc Extreme Q Vaporizer Glass Stir Tool, 1pc Extreme Q Vaporizer Elbow Adapter, 1pc Extreme Q Vaporizer Balloon Mini Whip, 2pc Extreme Q Vaporizer Balloon Mouthpiece and 1pc Extreme Q Vaporizer Potpourri Dish. This kit literally has everything you could possibly need!