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Arizer Vaporizers

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Best Arizer Vapes in the Market

Arizer offers vaporizers and accessories that feature innovative designs with a slick and modern feel. The company has been in existence for over a decade, and it has developed an outstanding reputation for reliability and appropriate pricing schemes that are fair and competitive. This is a company that doesn't take shortcuts by using inferior parts. Premium Arizer vaporizers use quality ceramic materials and glass construction to prevent the release of toxins that come from plastic and other components that degrade. The devices are simple to use, effective and come with highly optimized heating systems.

Qaulity Comes with Arizer Vapes

Arizer vapes are intended to give you premium performance and exact temperature control. Different blends may require custom temperatures and those units achieve this using a digital temperature control system. The only difference in the temperature control system from the Extreme Q vaporizer is the lack of a bag fill system. Enjoy dual-function operations and choose to take advantage of the diffusers or vaporizer options. Automatic timers protect you if you forget to turn off the units, and you can add whips for increased functionality.

Portable Vaporizers by Arizer

Designed to meet the needs users who want a portable unit, Arizer portable vapes heat-up in only four minutes and offer longer use on a single charge. Choose from Arizer Solo's seven possible temperature ranges to get the right temperature for your blend. The base level temperature reaches 122F in 15 seconds. The maximum temperature reaches 410F in two minutes and 30 seconds. Exceptional ruggedness is obtained with the aluminum outer shell that protects the unit from damage. It also offers extra protection inside to secure and protect the stainless steel heating element. 

Arizer Compact Vaporizers

A compact and portable design with an industry-first remote control operating feature makes the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer ideal for relaxing and enjoying your vaping session anywhere. It features a digital temperature control system, and you can easily set the temperature and view stats on the digital display. Program your preferred temperature settings for maximum convenience and consistency across vaping sessions. Expand your vaping experience with the capability to use an extra-long vapor whip to make your session even more convenient. It provides all the functionality of the Extreme V-Tower with the addition of a balloon fill system. The remote control gives you the ability to adjust the fan speed and temperature. You can also turn the unit off and on with the remote. 

Exceptional Temperature Control Vaporizers by Arizer

This vaporizer is a premium-level portable unit that provides exceptional temperature control with five settings and an interchangeable battery. Enjoy temperatures ranging from 356F on the low end to 410F on the high end. Stay up and running for up to an hour on a single charge and recharge your unit quickly with the included charging cable. This unit gives you the flavor of a larger volcano in a compact and portable size. The vaporizer uses a top-level ventilation system to prevent it from overheating, and it will also automatically shut it off to preserve battery life after a period of inactivity. For those who love the outdoors and traveling, this is an ideal unit.

Arizer Vaporizer Parts and Accessories

A complete line of accessories and replacement parts are available for Arizer vaporizers. Find balloon kits, screen packs, Tuff bowls, Cyclone bowls and whips for compatible Arizer vaporizers. Repair your unit and keep it running like new with spare parts for virtually any user-replaceable component. Enhance your experience through the addition of adapters, dishes, stir tools and other accessories. Take your unit on the go with custom-built carrying cases, mobile chargers and external rechargeable batteries.