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With a length of only four inches, you might not think much of the Atmos Jewel Dab Pen, but it's a top product from Atmos Technology. Most users would view it as a multi-use vaporizer, and when compared with competing wax pens, it packs an incredible punch. The battery is powerful and will let you vape for hours at a time. 


Product Description

The Atmos Jewel Concentrate Vaporizer has a single chamber, and it can be filled with concentrates or herbs. However, it's designed especially for concentrates. If you're looking for an all-in-one dab pen, you won't find any products that are better than the Atmos Jewel, unless you're looking at another Atmos product. 

It uses a flat ribbon coil and ceramic heating chamber to generate optimal heating. It's also very easy to clean. The Atmos Jewel Wax Pen uses your favorite material as an insulator, so it's able to keep plenty of heat inside of the chamber and give you three hours of continuous use on a single battery charge. 

While it's very good at generating and holding onto heat, the Atmos Jewel Wax Pen doesn't get too hot to use, but it can generate enough heat to cause a burn, so you need to be careful when loading more material after a long vape session. When cleaning the Atmos Jewel, it's important to make sure you don't touch the coil too many times because it's quite fragile. 

Although the coil is stronger than what is in many other vape pens, there is always the risk of accidently breaking it. Fortunately, cleaning the device is very easy. A simple Q-tip and some isopropyl alcohol will do the trick. The Atmos Jewel works well for dry herbs, but its elegance really shines through when you use it with concentrates. 

Although the Atmos Jewel Dab Pen gets the job done with most materials, it tends to work best with wax. The heating element is quite large and works well for large chunks of concentrate. It's also designed for optimal airflow, so it's able to produce a very thick vapor. 

If you choose to vape with the Atmos Jewel Concentrate Vaporizer, you'll really enjoy the flexibility of the mouthpiece, which is made from rubber. Before you start using the device, make sure to let it charge for at least six hours. 

After the first full charge, you'll be able to charge the Atmos Jewel Wax Pen in only two hours. To use it, all you have to do is press the power button for a few seconds and start taking a long draw from it. You'll find it's just as easy to use as most other vape pens. 

There aren't many negative things to be said about the Atmos Jewel Dab Pen. It's one of the smallest vape pens on the market, but it delivers substantial value for the money. It's made to be very ergonomic and discreet. 

It's one of the only concentrate vaporizers that actually follows through on the promise of being a high-quality product. If you decide to purchase this vape pen, you should know that it's ideal for wax. However, you can still use it for dry herbs and oils. The Atmos Jewel Wax Pen is able to deliver flavorful vapor without generating combustion.

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    overall kinda weak

    I can't believe these guys are selling such a low grade product, I can buy the same thing called a million different things for way cheaper, buy something else

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