2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 7, 2022

Can you believe that the best time of the year is finally here for another round of celebration? Happy Holidays to our vape friends; here’s a wishlist you’ll need to complete this season:

1. Sutra DBR Pro

If you have a friend who loves dabs, then you’ll need to grab the Sutra Vape DBR Pro! The DBR Pro is a 5-inch portable concentrate vaporizer that features a fast preheat mode, three temperature settings (3.0V-4.2V), and haptic feedback for alerts. Powered by a 1500mAh battery, this device includes three different kinds of coils—ceramic, quartz, and titanium for big puffs and tasty flavors.

After 35 seconds of no use, the DBR Pro goes into power-saving mode, which helps keep long-lasting battery life. The DBR Pro comes in three colors: Black, Full Color, and Green.

2. Wulf Orbit

For your vape friends who puffs concentrates, the Wulf Mods Orbit is calling their name! The Orbit is a portable device that delivers extreme clouds of vapor! Powered by a 1700mAh battery, this portable device features three variable voltage settings (3.4V, 3.7V, 4.0V), 10-second preheat functionality, and a rotating mouthpiece cap to increase airflow. This device also includes a coil-less quartz cup for temperature control and maximum wax consumption. The Wulf Orbits are available in 9 colors, including White-Red Spatter, Full Color, and Teal-Black Spatter.

3. Wulf UNI X

The Wulf UNI X is for your specific someone who loves puffing oil cartridges! Made with high-quality materials, this device features a 1.8V preheat mode, four voltage settings (2.0V, 2.6V, 3.2V, 3.8V), and a magnetic 510 connection for universal threading. The UNI X accommodates up to 11mm cartridges and includes Type-C charging. With its cube-like frame, the UNI X has an ergonomic design for a sturdy and comfortable grip.

4. Sutra SILO

One of Sutra’s newest oil cartridge vaporizers, the Sutra SILO is convenient for any session. The SILO is discreetly disguised as a disposable vape, making it great for indoor sessions. This device is easy to use by its auto-drawn functions and 2 temperature settings (3.0V and 3.8V). To start the preheating mode, inhale 2x and 3x to adjust its voltage settings. To turn the device on or off, inhale 5X. The Sutra SILO comes in 6 colors, including Pearl, Blue, and Full Color.

5. Wulf Flora

If you have a friend in mind who loves their herbs, then you’ll need to add the Wulf Flora Dry Herb Vaporizer to your list! The Flora features haptic feedback, various temperature settings, 30-second preheat functionality, and an OLED display for vaping data. This device also includes a magnetic mouthpiece, a detachable ceramic filter, and a Type-C charging port. The Wulf Flora comes in 11 different colors, including Full Color and Silver.

6. Exxus VRS

You can’t go wrong with gifting a vape that’s versatile! The Exxus VRS is a multifunctional device that allows you to pick from 3 different kinds of modes: cartridge, nectar collector, or dab rig use. The VRS features a ceramic atomizer, 15-second heat-up time, 3 different voltage settings (3.0V, 3.5V, 4.0V), and more. Let your friend enjoy sessions the Exxus way this holiday season!

7. Wulf ARI Slim

Experience the smoothest puffs and add the latest Wulf Mods ARI Slim to your holiday list! This vaporizer is a pen-style device that features an adjustable temperature setting (1.8V-4.2V), 10-second preheat functionality and a quartz coil chamber for the best hits. The ARI incorporates a 510 connection for universal threading and offers a 15-second safety cut-off to save battery life. The Wulf ARI Slim Vaporizers are available in 9 colors, such as Full Color, Teal-Black Spatter, and Red-White Spatter.

8. Puffco Peak Pro Guardian

For the latest gift, the Puffco Peak Guardian is a limited edition Peak Pro that features a chrome aluminum alloy band and a metallic, transparent silicone base. Making the perfect gift for the holidays, the Guardian Peak Pro includes an innovative 3D chamber that helps preserve the quality of the oil. This device also offers temperature control for a customized session.

9. Puffco Proxy

You can never go wrong with gifting an all-new high-tech vaporizing device! The Puffco Proxy is a portable vaporizing pipe that performs intense clouds of wax concentrates. Powered by 3D Chamber technology, this device presents four temperature settings and a ceramic bow for simple cleaning. This device also lets you personalize your experience with numerous compatible Puffco accessories or other glass pieces made by specific artists. Experience incredible tokes provided with the help of Puffco!

10. Lookah Q7 Mini

The Lookah Q7 Mini is a portable E-nail Banger for wax concentrates. Powered by a 950mAh battery, this device incorporates a 710-coil for quick heat and a magnetic flip cap for securing sessions. The Q7 Mini also features 3 voltage settings (3.2V, 3.6V, and 4.0V) and a digital display for indicating voltage modes. This device includes a Type-C port for fast charging capabilities and is available in 8 colors: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow.

11. Pax Plus

Another versatile device for the books! The PAX Plus is a dual vaporizer that is made to puff dry herbs and wax concentrates. The PAX Plus has an upgraded magnetic 3D oven screen for easy removal and simple cleaning. Perfect for portable sessions, the PAX Plus is odor resistant and features 2+ hours of battery life. The PAX Plus comes in 4 colors: Periwinkle, ElderBerry, Sage, and Onyx.

12. Volcano Hybrid Onyx Edition

Provide a different way to have a session this holiday with the Volcano Hybrid Onyx Edition. The Volcano Onyx features improved airflow management, swifter heat-up times, and a touch display. Its dual-inhalation system allows you to engage vapor through a classic balloon bag or a whipped delivery system. The Hybrid features a 100-watt heater that extracts essential flavors of materials without any combustion. With convection heat, its vapor is smoother and more balanced.


Go all out this holiday season and celebrate the holidays with your loved ones! From devices of all kinds, you and your friends can enjoy never-ending sessions and everlasting puffs. Happy Holidays from Got Vape!