5 Common New Years Resolutions

Dec 30, 2016

Common New Year's Resolutions

5 Most Commonly Made, and Broken, New Year’s Resolutions

I bet we can take a pretty good guess at the resolution you made last night. Check out these commonly made New Year’s resolutions. These also happen to be the most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions so we were able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. That also happened to be our New Year’s Resolution to use less stones.

5. Spend More Time with Family

Everything in today’s society is so fast paced that we sometimes lose sight of what’s most important, family. So, we vow that this year will be the year we reconnect with our family. A couple weeks in and you realize that you’ve already had your fill and need your space, or the office is busier than ever and you’re just too tired to play with your kids. Although the intent was pure this resolution doesn’t seem to be very realistic for that long.

4. Travel

A New Year means new places to go visit and sights to see. This will finally be the year we travel to Italy and see where Roman Gladiators fought to the death, or go on an exotic safari in Africa and see wildlife in their natural habitat. All of this would be great, but then the bills come in, and unforeseen expenses and we realize there’s no money left to see anything outside of 100 miles from where you live.

3. Quit/ Reduce Drinking

We’ve all been to the point where we have announced to the masses that I will never drink again after a night of one too many tequila shots. This is why so many people make a pact and resolution to give up the hard stuff for good, or cut back to only a couple times a month. Unfortunately, many find themselves physically dependent on the stuff, which makes it very difficult to quit.

2. Quit Smoking

We all know the effects that come with smoking from our health, to appearance, finances, and even our personal life. We all realize these, which is why this is one of the most made resolutions heading into a New Year. Sadly, only about 10% of those who made this resolution are able to quit the bad habit.

1. Lose Weight/ Exercise

This counts for roughly 25% of all the resolutions made every year. Can you guess how long the majority of the people last with this resolution? Usually just a few weeks until that delicious burger and fries start to haunt your dreams.