5 Tips on Vaping on a Budget

by Julianne Bautista

5 Tips For Vaping on a BudgetNever worry about spending too much money on vaping again! Got Vape has some tips you need to learn in order to vape while still growing your savings. Let’s face it, nothing is free and vape technology is evolving every year. However, there are still ways to prevent your savings from decreasing when it comes to vapes. Here are five common tips to vaping on a budget:

Shop Online Sales

Online shopping is taking over, and this also means vape deals! It is always recommended to check out sales as we offer plenty of high-quality products for a discounted price. Many reduced-price devices are still very popular and new, so make sure to take advantage of special online offers.

Know Your Nicotine Level

If you are vaping a lower strength of nicotine and you are used to inhaling a higher level, you might want to consider switching. Basically, with a low nicotine, you will need to vape more in order to fulfill your desired session.

Buy in Bulk

Once you are comfortable with vaping and you are aware of your desired intake, you will start to realize that buying in bulk packages is the best move to attain your vaporizing needs. Bulk buying is a known technique to save money—just think about buying groceries! Purchasing what you need for your sessions monthly rather than each week can help you save by getting package deals.

Choose a Simple Device

A more complex vaporizer features advanced technology and includes plenty of parts; therefore, you will need to maintain its build with replacement parts. A simple vaporizer can give similar satisfaction compared to a complex device. Most simple devices, like the Sutra SILO, can still provide you a great session but at a lower pricing. Check out our vape pens!

Mouth-To-Lung Vaping

Know the differences between mouth-to-lung (MTL) versus direct-lung (DL) vaping styles. DL vaping is known to be costly by requiring a more powerful device as well as lower resistance coils, which burns out faster than higher resistance. Therefore, you will need to replace them often. DL also produces larger clouds, which causes liquid materials to be consumed quicker. Understand that DL coils only last a few days as MTL coils can last for more than a few weeks.


Vaping has positive sides and saving your money is one of them! Vapes do not have to make such a large dent in your wallets, by following these simple tips, you won’t have to worry. While you are shopping online, don’t forget to check out our parts and accessories at GotVape.com!