Black Friday Deals Continue

Nov 18, 2019

Last Minute Black Friday Sales

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Early Bird Black Friday Deals Start Now

Starting November 18th, indulge in these Doorbusters!

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Enjoy up to 75% off selected items all week long! Up your selfie game this Christmas season with the Sutra Selfie Oil Cartridge Vaporizer by Sutra Vape! Now at just $4.99 there’s no time to hold back. An incredible hand-held device, this piece will let you enjoy your favorite oils anywhere you go! Get it now!

Want more? We got you! The G Pen Pro Vaporizer by Grenco Science is also going on sale. A compact, powerful vaporizer, it is specifically made for your dry herbs. Employing an adjustable temperature option for customizable sessions and single button operation for ease of use this device can be yours for just $50 dollars! A steal!

G Pen PRO Sale

The SMOK Nord by SmokTech is also going on sale. Now at just $27.95 you can own a uniquely crafted, innovative variable voltage device made to protect your 510 oil cartridge and provide discreet, great tasting sessions on the go. Perfect for all the e-juice lovers out there, indulge in this wonderful device today.

And of course we can’t forget about the SMOK Nord Resin Edition. An upgrade from the original, this dedicated device is sure to give you great tasting sessions and a top performance. Just like the SMOK Nord, the Resin Edition comes in six unique, stylish designs and colors to help express you dazzling personality. Now at just $21.99 get this device for a steal!

SMOK Nord Resin Edition Black Friday Sale

Enjoy delicious concentrates with the help of the Yocan Zeus! Now discounted to a mere $24.99 this sleek, powerful one of a kind device integrates powerful 1100mAh to power through the thickest of concentrates. Enjoy power at the tip of your fingertips with the Yocan Zeus.

Did we tell you our e-liquids are on sale too? Well, they are! Now at 30% enjoy the Solace E-liquid! The perfect combo for your SMOK Nord, choose for our variety of great tasting, potent flavors. You’re tastebuds will thank you!

The Black Friday Sales Continue

Enjoy these One Day Deals Right Now!

There’s no time like now to get the best devices and accessories at the best sale prices! Its only Day 2 and we’re giving you all you need to get through the holidays!

Vape with discretion and bliss with the LoKey 2 350mAh Oil Cartridge Battery. This impressive device lets you enjoy your oils whenever, wherever all at the palm of your hand. Enjoy cloud after cloud with the Lokey 2 350mAh Oil Cartridge Battery!

Calling all dry herb lovers out there! We have the device for you; the Gpen Elite Vaporizer! This remarkable hand held device lets you enjoy your green treats in the most convenient way. Incorporating a quick 30 sec warmup and temp range from 200F to 428F, the Gpen Elite is the perfect dry herb device you need for your collection! At $64.99 get it today!

G Pen Elite Black Friday Sale

We can’t forget about of e-juice fans! The SMOK Novo is especially made for you! Enjoy the compact power with your favorite e-liquids vaped to perfection with this sensational device. Powered by a whopping internal 450mAh battery, the SMOK Novo is the perfect device for you! At $14.99, don’t miss out!

What’s better than one, but two? We had to include the SMOK Novo 2! An upgrade from the original, the SMOK Novo 2 is an enhanced version of the fan favorite. Incorporating a 800mAh battery, refillable pod system and a 2mL e-liquid capacity, you can’t go wrong with the SMOK Novo 2!

SMOK Novo 2 Black Friday Sale

Up next we have the Yocan Loaded! Built with a 1400mAh battery enjoy session after session with this powerful device. Especially made for your favorite concentrates, this device promises maximum flavor and enjoyment. Now at just $29.99, this is the perfect device you need to complete the collection.

Of course we have to add some juice! We are having a 30% off sale of all your Solace E-Liquid favorites! Choose from flavors like Butterscotch, Cream Tobacco and so much more!

30% Off Solace Eliquid

Solace E-liquid 30% off Take 30% off your favorite flavors from Solace like Butterscotch, Creamy Tobacco and more

Early Bird Black Friday Day 3 Sales Start Now

Don’t miss these Sale

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You thought we were finished? Not today! We STILL got sales for you! So, let’s dive in!

Made for your favorite concentrates, make sure to pick up the G Pen Connect today! Now at $88.99, this vaporizer instantly heats up your goodies giving you smooth, refreshing sessions each and every time. Another cool thing about this device? It allows for any glass on glass water piece connection for endless possibilities and flavor!

If you like smoke, we got the SMOK! For all our e-juice lovers this one's for you! The perfect companion to all your juices, the SMOK Mico is your device! Employing a 700mAh battery with refillable pods it makes enjoying your favorite juice that much easier! So vape wherever you go with the SMOK Mico!

The One by Yocan is the one and only device you’ll need this season for your favorite oils and concentrates! Now at an incredible price of $29.99, you can have power and flavor at the palm of your hands. Employing a dual quartz coil for perfect sessions, make sure to get your hands on the One by Yocan!

Up next, we have the 2 in 1 Freezable Nectar Straw by Stratus. Made of resilient, heat resistant glass this incredible glass piece gives you that extra kick of cool, smoothing draws every session. Now at just $19.99, don’t pass up the 2 in 1 Freezable Nectar Straw by Stratus right now!

Can’t forget about the e-liquids! For today only, we got the delicious Naked E-liquids marked down by a whopping 30%! You read that right, that’s 30%! Get into it!

Psssst, Did you Hear about Our Black Friday Deals?

Day 4 and the Deals keep on Comin’!

You already know the deal! Got Vape has the hottest deals around, duh!

Powered by a rechargeable 650mAh battery with three variable voltage settings, the G Pen Nova LXE is the device you need! Discounted to $34.99, the LXE is pure luxury, giving users a euphoric experience with their favorite concentrate goodies!

Pre Black Friday Sale G Pen Nova LXE

More deals you say? Sure! We got the Evolve Plus Limited Edition ready for you! Power through your favorite concentrates with the Evolve Plus! Powered by a whopping 1100mAh battery for prolonged sessions on the go, the Evolve Plus Limited Edition will have you enjoying draw after draw all day long. At just $19.99, get it now!

The next one on the list is a definite stunner. Coming in 17 unique flavors, Puff Bars are the perfect go to when you want easy of use and delicious clouds! Incorporating remarkable disposable pods, just pick up the Puff Bars, inhale and enjoy! Simple!

Puff Bar 10 Packs

Did we tell you; we have some great accessories too! Perfect for the stickiest of herb, the GV Grinder 4pc 65mm is an amazing must have to the collection. Grinding through or herbs, it take the fuss of breaking down your goodies. Don’t miss out, get the GV Grinder 4pc 65mm now!

The Sutra Grinder 4pc 65mm is another great accessory! At just $14.99 it delivers a high-quality performance while helping keep you lifted! Don’t go without!

Day 5 of Our Pre-Black Friday Deals!

Brace yourselves… we still have more!

Deals on deals on deals! That’s exactly what we have at Got Vape! Everything you need, all the time, we are your number one source for your vaping needs!

Starting off we have the Yocan Uni Pro! An amazing upgrade from the original, this fully customizable device allows you to enjoy the cartridge of your choosing. You read that right, with the UNI Pro; never worry about your cartridge again. This device employs revolutionary technology that allows the user to adjust the height as well as width to fit your cartridge!

Next, we have the perfect pocket size device for your collection, the G Pen Nova. At just $19.99, this incredible device is exactly what you need for unforgettable sessions with your favorite concentrates! You simply can’t go wrong!

GPen Nova Black Friday Sale

We have to hook up our herb lovers out there! The Sutra Mini is the perfect device for you! An amazing hand held, this device is made to enjoy both your dry herbs and concentrates. A 2 in 1! The Sutra Mini features a quick 30 sec warmup and a temp range from 300F-430F for the perfect vape. Now at 59.99 you better get it before it’s all gone!

Sutra Mini Vaporizer

If you like quality, you’ll love the Stratus ENail! A sensational accessory, it adds easy of use by eliminating burnt torches and introducing worry-free dabbing. Now at a great price, get it today!

Stratus eNail

If you like juice, we got the juice! Now, all Red’s E-juice is 20% off!! Enjoy your favorite flavors like Red Apple, Watermelon Ice, Iced Grape and much more.