Disposable VS. Rechargeable Vapes: 4 Things You Need To Know

Feb 8, 2023

Disposable Vs. Rechargeable Vapes: 4 Things You Need to Know with woman holding Exxus Snap VVWhether you want your sessions quick and easy or with full temperature control, there will always be a difference between disposable and rechargeable vaporizers. Both have a lot of praise in the vaping community, but each device’s delivery and performance is up to your preference. Here are four things you need to know about disposables and rechargeable devices:

Rare Bar Disposables standing on bathroom counter

Disposables are Cheaper and More Affordable

First things first, if you are the kind of vaper who is always looking for an affordable way to sneak a puff, then disposables are your answer. New disposable vaporizers have increased longevity and have decreased their prices in most regions. Today, disposables are cheaper and more affordable than cigarette packages.

Wulf Flora Collection laying down with packaging

Rechargeable Vapes Provide More Personalized Sessions

If you are looking for a vaporizer that allows you to customize your sessions, then we recommend you switch to rechargeable vapes. Rechargeable devices provide maximum simplicity, convenience, and efficiency to every vaporizing experience.

Rechargeable vapes give you the options for airflow settings, tank and coil materials, and wattage setting. Vaporizers with adjustable settings lets you achieve the kind of session you are willing to have. Some rechargeable vaporizers that you might like are the Wulf Flora, Exxus Snap VV, and Sutra Mini.

Disposables are Straightforward

Unlike rechargeable vapes, disposables are straightforward and extremely easy to use. Many disposables feature auto-drawn inhalation which does not require any buttons to press to produce vapor. Being a single-use device, disposables do not let you worry about replacing an atomizer coil or refilling a tank.

Rechargeable Vapes Have Longer Lifespan

Obviously, disposables are meant to be thrown away after a limited amount of puffs have been reached, but you should know that some disposables can be charged as well. Rechargeable vapes utilize lithium-ion batteries that can last through hundreds of charging cycles. Unlike disposables, rechargeable devices last a couple years or more, until they have served their purpose.


The difference between rechargeable and disposable vapes delineates on their lifespan, pricing, and most importantly, functionality. Disposable and rechargeable vaporizers are both ideal, it all just depends on your preference and how you’d like your sessions to go. Make sure to check out our vaporizers and other parts and accessories at GotVape.com!