How To Be An Eco-Friendly Vaper in 3 Steps

by Julianne Bautista

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Vaping is already known as an eco-friendly tactic as opposed to smoking cigarettes, which are non-biodegradable waste. At Got Vape, we stay environmentally friendly by providing our customers with high-quality products that prevent harm to our nature. With simple care and attention, you can control the impact of saving your surroundings with every puff. We can guide you through an easy process of how to become an eco-friendly vaper. Here’s how:

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Use Refillable Vape Pens

Refillable Vape Pens will always save the day! First, you should start off with vaporizers, like the SMOK NOVO 4 Pod Kit, Suorin Edge Pod Kit, or SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit, to achieve a sustainable session. Refillable vaporizers, known as Pod Mods, are cost-effective and allow you to personalize your desired session. Moreover, Pod Mods are also rechargeable which creates less environmental waste.

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Recycle Parts

We recommend avoiding tossing away your old vape parts, as these can contain harmful materials and residue. Important vaporizer parts, like coils, should be recycled at an e-cig retailer or a recycling depot that accepts small metals. Don’t take in the habit of throwing metal parts away so casually. Think of how we recycle our bottles and cans—the same goes for vape parts!

Know How to Dispose of E-Liquid Bottles

We do not think of this daily, but many people don’t really think of disposing of their vapes or bottles properly. Imagine this, you find an intriguing juice flavor that you’ve been meaning to try, and once you do, you instantly find it horrid. So what do you do? You toss it away in the trash. Please do not do that—doing so can only add to pollution.

Tip: Never dump e-juice in the drain or toilet, as this can taint water supplies and harm wildlife. The best way is to pour the unwanted juice into cat litter or sawdust and let it dry out completely. Sawdust and cat litter are absorbent materials that easily soak up the liquid, which can later turn into a solid matter for simple disposal.


Continue vaping and vape kindly! By following easy steps, such as understanding how to dispose of juice bottles and recycle unwanted parts, you can contribute to a better environment. Our planet gives so much already; the least we can do is protect it—Mother Earth says thank you!