Last Trip of the Summer

Sep 24, 2019

Last Trip of the Summer

Last Trip of the Summer

The seasons are changing; the days are still warm, the sun is out shining as usual but soon our days will grow short as the evening stretches across the sky, leaving the weather to cool in its arrival. The air will hold a stiff chill, making us to bundle up to escape the cold. Fall is soon coming. Before it completely takes over its time to take one last trip to fully enjoy this incredible weather.

Man hiking in the mountains

Dust off those hiking boots and let your inner adventurer take over. Breath in the fresh natural piney air, indulge in the scenic organic landscapes and dive into the earth’s natural treasures. As you explore the beauty around, might as well bring a friend. Cannabis is the perfect companion to nature, elevating your experience while helping free your mind and delivering nirvana with every draw.

Before you start your trek, there are some things you should be on the look out for to make sure you have a both safe and getting the most efficient use. This is Got Vape’s Tips and Guide for using cannabis in the great outdoors!

Safety Outdoors

Whenever you do anything, safety is always first! Practicing safe cannabis use helps you have the best possible experience as well as adding etiquette to others around you. Here are some tips to keep both in mind when you hit the trails.

Hikers in the woods

Respect Your Fellow Hiker

The golden rule treat hikers or people in general the way you want to be treated. Not everyone is going to like cannabis or its smell, make sure to keep this in mind while on the go. This is especially true around crowds, families and children.

Don’t Forget the Water

Whenever you are outdoors staying hydrated is must! Especially if you are going to consume in cannabis, you’ll be thankful for some water when that dry cotton mouth hits you. Cannabis can dehydrate you, so make sure to pack and drink a lot of water.

Trash in the rocks

Clean Your Area

When deciding to enjoy in the leafy greens outdoors, leaving a mess is a big no-no. It might not seem like a big deal to toss the access on the ground or trail, but it is truly is. Discarding even an extinguished roach not only makes the place dirty but could make it harder for your fellow enthusiasts. People may see the trash and complain, enough complaints and smoking maybe eliminated altogether. No matter how small, make sure to pick up your trash.

Be Smart about Use of Heat

The end of Summer is always extremely hot and dry. Tossing a joint or lit roach could have devastating effects on the dry areas around you, ruining the trails around you, which is not only bad for you but other hikers as well. Always be smart and make sure to abide by the fire laws in your surrounding area.

Man biking in the woods using his phone

Know Where You’re Going

This may sound redundant but its true, you should always know your route. You don’t want to be that hiker that can’t remember where they are going or the direction they are in due to being a little too high. This is where you can get lost and eventually have to retrace your steps. Leave that out a map your route pre-hiking. A good tip, bring a topography map or GPS system and also make sure to pay close attention. Landmarks can come in handy when you think you might be going the wrong way.

Now that we have gone over the safety precautions lets get into what you should bring on your hiking or camping trip.

Best Goodies to Bring Hiking and Camping

Getting lifted is of course any stoner’s favorite thing to do. Whatever your favorite way to use it we’ve got some suggestions on what goodies to bring while exploring outdoors.


Not for the lightweights in the bunch, edibles can be a great way to enjoy the high without needing to actually smoke. Perfect in small doses they deliver a long-lasting mellow high allowing you to still be active. The upside, edibles last much longer than inhaled methods and they provide an excellent relaxing effect which is perfect for muscles.

Blue Exxus Mini Plus

Portable Vaporizers

A lot of hikers are loving their portable vaporizers and oil pens to use while on the trail. Portable vaporizers like the Exxus Mini Plus by Exxus Vape allow you to enjoy your favorite dry herbs while others such as the Wulf Duo 2 in 1 Cartridge Vaporizer by Wulf Mods are compatible with both oils and concentrates. Simply fill your device with your favorite compatible materials and you’re ready to. With these vaporizer devices you have smooth, potent sessions right at the palm of your hand. These portable hand-held devices are typically small in size resulting in both discreet and easy use. Another con, after a few puffs you’ll be feeling good as well as the smell going away completely.

Portable vaporizers utilize top grade materials in their construction such as quartz, stainless steel and ceramic for flawless formation as well as optimal performance. Portable vaporizers like the Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer, also offer you great features such as variable voltage or temperature control, lasting battery life, faster heating time, enhanced vapor quality and durable construction. Enjoy a hike in the mountains or cuddled up near the fire, Portable vaporizers are the perfect to-go companion.

Paper Planes

An overall fan favorite, paper planes or otherwise known as joints, are a classic when on the go. Simply roll a few before hitting the trail and you’re ready to go. Whenever you see fit, whip them on out and take a flight. Another upside to these bad boys are they stay lit even in the windiest of weather and they’re great on a solo trip or shared between friends. Also, they pack a big punch.

Portable Pipes

The tried and true method favored among hikers, portable pipes make enjoying your favorite strains a breeze. This go to pieces like the Colored Handpipe with Honey Comb Bowl allow hikers to use less herb, put out if necessary and is completely easy to use. This classic companion is also lightweight and perfect for sharing or toking alone.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and advice, let us know if you have any more in the comments. Cannabis can be one of the best conduits between the mind, body and nature. It allows you to release your frustrations, appreciate beauty, and indulge in the peace of incredible nature. So keep on exploring and we’ll see in you in the next blog.

Happy Vaping!