Mar 22, 2021

PACT Act and What it means for vaping on black background

The PACT Act and What it Means for Vaping

Continuing Our Service

An amendment to the PACT of 2009 which includes a vape mail ban has recently been put into effect. So how exactly is that going to affect you?

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What it Does

Under the Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes of Children Act or more commonly known as the Vape Mail Ban, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is now required to impose new restrictions to prevent the shipping of e-cigarette as well as vaping products through USPS no later than April 2021. This also includes numerous stringent requirements for online sales. According to the BlackBair Regulator Services this means by March 27, 2021 all online vape retailers will be required to:

1. Engage in third party identity verification for all sales

2. Use a shipping service that requires age verification at delivery

3. Follow all PACT Act Shipping Requirements

4.Register with the US Attorney General

5. Also register with the Tobacco Tax Administrator of any state products sold

6. Collect all applicable local taxes

7. Share all transactions for a state with that state’s tax administrator, following that state’s specific reporting rules

8. Maintain record of any and all delivery interruptions or incomplete delivers due to failure to confirm identity for five years

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What Does This Mean?

With the drastic shift from traditional brick and mortar retailers toward more online sales channels, many customers are turning to online retailers especially during the Pandemic as it would be the best option for those who still want to shop but avoid crowds or others because of safety. This allows them to bring in much needed revenue where typical brick and mortar stores are failing in this area.

While many retailers are already using a third-party age verification and verified shipping method, the remaining regulations of the PACT ACT could be difficult rules to follow. Without a unified process, many online retailers could struggle with keeping in line with the state-by-state guidelines and requirements. Shipping options will also narrow as USPS is required to stop shipping vape products by April of this year and FedEX has already announced their company will no longer serve vape retailers starting March 2021. Basically, any mistake whether big or small can lead to several penalties including heavy fines, criminal charges, and up to three years in prison in some cases.

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Got Vapes Response

Still Up & Running

Got Vape is continuing our efforts to make sure our customers are still being serviced. Ensuring uninterrupted assistance, we are committed to providing and supporting our clientele. Due to the recent requests of the PACT ACT, we will continue shipping on all vaporizer devices and accessories with the exception of Nicotine products. We will, however, still be continuing to sell and ship top favorites like the multi-functional Exxus VRS, dry herb vaporizer the Wulf Next, concentrate king the Puffco Peak Pro and much more.

Got Vape is one of the leading online vaporizer companies on the market. With customer satisfaction in mind, our vision is to provide each patron with convenient, reliable service all while delivering integrity, innovation and excellence. Providing everything from purchases and repairs, Got Vape is your go to partner for all your vaporization wishes.

If you are a business and would like to purchase from us and find out the necessary forms to do so, please email us at If you are a customer, we will continue to bring you updates as they come out and do our best to continue to service all your vaporizer needs.