Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Jun 4, 2020

Together we stand, Divided We Fall

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Black. Lives. Matter.

Protesters in the street

Just like many of you, we at Got Vape have seen and witnessed the murder of George Floyd and we stand with you. Social injustice is never okay. Racial discrimination is never okay. And no one should ever fear their lives or the ones they love just because of the color of their skin. We are here.

Protesters walking in the street

To all those affected, especially the Black Community, our hearts go out to you. Know that Got Vape stands with you supporting your right to be seen and heard. As a Black owned company with a mixing pot of races in our staff we stand with our community, stand by our people in hopes for a better tomorrow.

End racism protesters

Silence is no longer an option. Saying we are anti-racist won’t cut it. The time is now to help! Speaking up against injustice, inequality and discrimination is the only way.

How to Help

    Justice is not a grey area. It is not a relative term. And we will support as well as continue to use our platform to make progress together.
  • Go to and sign the George Floyd Petition
  • Text “FLOYD” to 55156 which adds your name to the Color of Change Petition
  • Text “JUSTICE” to help George Floyd and his family get the justice they deserve
  • Go to to contact your local representatives and express how you feel
  • Please donate! George Floyd’s GoFundMe has exceeded its goal but you can always donate toward Bail Money for protesters on the line. You can also contribute to the Black Lives Matter Movement.