Wulf Micro vs Wulf Micro Plus

May 11, 2019

Wulf Micro vs Wulf Micro Plus

Unleash Your Inner Wulf

But you might be wondering, which version is better? Well, we are here to help! We will be looking at both the pros and cons of the two devices, give a rundown on their features, efficiency and durability so by the end of article you can decipher which unit work best for you!

Woman holding a black Wulf Micro

Wulf Micro Cartridge Vaporizer

Coming up first, the originator, the Wulf Micro Cartridge Vaporizer. A perfectly petite vaporizer designed for an incomparable experience, the Wulf Micro Cartridge Vaporizer is compatible with your favorite oils. At just 2 inches in height, the vaporizer is travel friendly, ergonomically crafted and discreet fitting comfortably in the hand or pocket. Allowing for customization, the voltage can be adjusted between 3.4V, 3.7V and 4V. The simplistic functionality is intended to user-friendly usage as it is a single button system. With five quick clicks turn the Wulf Micro Cartridge Vaporizer on. Following the initial five to start, two click starts the heating process which takes a total of 15 seconds.

The Wulf Micro Cartridge Vaporizer also comes with a micro USB charger. For its first initial use, the device needs to be plugged in for about two hours to fully prime the battery. Following the initial charge, it reaches its maximum charge in one hour. This ensures that the device is charged up and ready to go, leaving any disruption to a minimum. The side LED display has a red light that indicates that the battery life is not full. 20 rapid flashes of light indicate the battery is no longer depleted.

The cartridge that comes in the standard package is easily screwed onto the battery for a seamless, airtight coupling. Its also a CCELL styled unit which mean the cartridge utilizes ceramic in order to deliver pure, potent flavor profiles with refreshing vapor. The cartridge is simply broken down into separate pieces for not only quick refills but also for cleaning. The female attachment port on the mod itself can accommodate any cartridge type with a 510 threading and can be used with a variety of Wulf tanks. Combining peak performance and user-friendly functionality, the Wulf Micro Cartridge Vaporizer is not one you will want to miss out on.

Girl and boy with Wulf Micro Plus

Wulf Micro Plus Cartridge Vaporizer

If you thought it doesn’t get any better, trust us it does. Wulf Mods continue their success by creating the innovative Wulf Micro Plus Cartridge Vaporizer. At just 60mm by 31mm by 16mm, it’s a travel friendly device that is no bigger than the size of the average lighter. Like its predecessor, the vaporizer has variable voltage settings but instead of three, the Micro Plus has four. Each voltage option has light indicators telling the user which voltage setting they are in. The green light indicates 2.8V, the blue light indicates 3.4V, the yellow light indicates 3.7V and the red light indicates 4.2V. Additionally, the Wulf Micro Plus features an atomizer capacity of 0.5mL and with an atomizer resistance maximum of 1.2-ohm. This upgraded device also employs magnetic adapters that help keep the cartridge in place with just a snap. Incorporating four atomizer holes measuring at 4mm by 2.0mm, ensuring that the user gets an excellent vaping experience as bigger air holes allow for a more potent long-lasting session.

Powered by a high amp 500mAh battery, it can be preheated with just two quick clicks on the single button operating system. With just five quick clicks the device can be turned off, taking all of two seconds. The Wulf Micro Plus can be charged with a universal android cable adding to its convenience. When charging a red-light indicator will appear, and when fully charged the light will turn blue letting the user know the device is ready to be used.

Girl holding black with blue spatter Wulf Micro Plus

Each device has their own set of advantages and functionalities that make them efficient, high performance units that would be a great addition to every collection. The Wulf Micro Cartridge Vaporizer is a portable, well made, user-friendly variable voltage device. While the Wulf Micro Plus Cartridge Vaporizer has the same abilities but more advanced. With four voltage settings and light indicates, magnetic adapters, a more durable chassis frame and variety of color options you can’t go wrong with the Wulf Micro Plus. Ultimately it is up to the user and their preference of vaping experience.