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Cloud V is one of the more notable names in the portable vaporizer market today. Based in Southern California and launched in 2011, Cloud V has had a continuously growing supply of network retailers and the Cloud Platinum Vaporizer is the latest model available.


Product Description

The unit features a platinum tornado wax atomizer that has been greatly improved and the new slimmer design simply enhances the overall vaporizing experience. The platinum unit is a high-quality atomizer that provides 40% improvement in heating capacity when compared to many of the other atomizers that are found on today's market. There is a window in the mouthpiece so that you can view the vapor as it is produced and there is also a mouthpiece tip that is removable. The limited lifetime warranty covers any defects that are related to the battery.

While the platinum vaporizer stays true to the overall construction and design of the original cloud vaporizer, the platinum version benefits from a longer-lasting battery plus and atomizer that has been upgraded and a glass window for viewing vapors as they are inhaled. In the 2013 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup the Cloud Platinum Vaporizer came in second place for best product.

There are safety locks on the batteries and the unit offers one touch simplistic operation. The lock on the platinum vaporizer unit requires a total of five clicks. The wider mouthpiece allows for bigger pulls and an increased airflow plus a removable and replaceable tip.

How is it better than the original model? Other than that which has already been mentioned, it also has a smaller bowl, which means that there will be less empty space for the concentrated oils to drip and miss hitting the heating element. The cartridges are also more secure with the platinum atomizers.

One of the more notable features of the cloud platinum vaporizer is the rechargeable, lightweight platinum battery that features a pin charging port. It offers a lockable safety feature that can be used in between sessions. Each battery comes with a unique serial number printed next to the charging port. 

Cloud Tornado Atomizer

Each cloud platinum vaporizer includes the cloud tornado atomizer. This is a fully ceramic interior heating element that heats your products to the right temperature instantly. It features a funnel structure that is patent pending and makes the cleaning and loading processes simple and easy.

Using The Cloud Platinum Vaporizer

The first thing you'll want to do is make sure that your unit is charged. Simply plug in the USB unit and you'll see the red LED light come on. Whenever you see the red light come on, you will know that the unit is charging. You should not charge your unit for more than a half hour.

One nice thing about the Cloud Platinum is that you can use it while it is charging. Unlike other units, the cloud platinum vaporizer does not make you wait!

Hold the cloud button down for at least 10 seconds before you load or use the vaporizer. This is how you can break-in the atomizer. Then you can load the vaporizer, using a dab tool, and touching it to the heating element. It might be a good idea to use a hot dab tool so that you can achieve a consistency like butter. Then all you have to do is load and inhale.

Press the cloud button and inhale. The pen begins to heat and will automatically shut off, not allowing the cartridge to heat for more than 15 seconds. This is the perfect amount of time that is needed in order to get a good pull of vapor into your lungs.

This second series generation of portable vaporizer's features a removable mouthpiece tip, slimmer design, a window in the mouthpiece for viewing vapors and is a multiple best product award winning vaporizer. The Cloud Platinum Vaporizer's simplicity, reliability, and discreetness have managed to revolutionize the vaping experience in many ways. It is the perfect low-maintenance and easy to use method for consuming essential oils and cannabis concentrates.

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