Colored Bowl with Marbles


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The Colored Bowl with Marbles is a bowl or bong slide, an essential necessity when enjoying your favorite dry herbs. As a vital part of every water or glass piece, the Colored Bowl with Marbles is made from premium quality glass coming in an option of either 14mm or 18mm. This male glass bowl is perfect for personal sessions, made to provide the user with a big enough opening to pack their dry herb.


Product Description

Enjoy a potent and smooth session of your favorite dry herbs while using the Bowl with Color Spintrail and Marbles. This female bowl is carefully crafted out of borosilicate glass and marble creating a uniquely aesthetic piece. This eye-catching bowl integrates colorful accents of green pin strips and marble texture ensuring your herb’s encasement in a stylish yet practical bowl. Although a small statured bowl, the Bowl with Color Spintrail and Marbles provides the user with enough space to pack your dry herbs for a personal smoke session where you will not have to repack. Coming in your choice of 14mm or 18mm, the Bowl with Color Spintrail and Marbles is ideal for any vaper’s growing collection.

Made of thick glass, this replacement bowl slide is perfect for a bong with a 14mm female joint. Its clear glass construction is accompanied by a white marble handle, located on the side of the bowl trench. This handle is not only decorative, but also prevents you from touching hot glass.

Available in a variety of vibrant colors these bong slides fit any standard 14mm female bong, bubbler or water pipe joint. Attached to the herb bowl is a wide, flat handle for easy handling and to prevent the slide from rolling unexpectedly.

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