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The Dab Rig Kit by Wulf Mods has everything you need to turn your favorite box mod into a precision dabbing rig, and it comes from one of the most respected names in the industry. Wulf Mods has assembled this rig from the finest components and incorporated the use of a replaceable heating coil for a more efficient and effective means of operation. Now, you can couple the performance of a dabbing rig with the power of a box mod to vape concentrates to perfection.


Product Description

Wulf Mod Rig

Superior Quality and Performance

Wulf Mods vaporizers and Wulf Mods tanks have become synonymous with superior quality and performance. This dab rig is no exception. It was designed by skilled professionals who know dabbing and how to create a perfect experience. As with all Wulf Mods products, this rig is backed by the brand’s commitment to customer service. If you encounter a defect with your device, Wulf Mods will replace it for you at no additional charge.

About the Wulf Mod Rig

Replaceable Heating Coil

For Use With Concentrates

Works With All 510 Box Mods

What's Inside of the Wulf Mod Rig?

Included in the Mod Rig Box

This kit includes a glass water attachment also called a bubbler which helps to provide a smoother draw. It also comes with Titanium, ceramic, and quartz e-nails to accommodate your personal preference. There is a dabber and carb cap, heating coil, and heating base. All of the pieces are gathered together in a nice ABS case that will allow you to take the rig wherever you go while keeping your components safe and secure.

Inside the Wulf Mod Rig Kit

Wulf Mod Rig Instructions

Learn How to Operate the Wulf Mod Rig

The Dab Rig Kit by Wulf Mods offers the convenience of being able to switch out your heating coil without replacing the entire heating base. This feature alone makes the rig a wise investment. Its operation is easy. To begin, put a small amount of water into the bubbler until it rises just above the air holes. Next, connect the rig to your box mod. It is compatible with any 510-threaded mod, and there are several Wulf Mods units that will serve this purpose. Remove the magnetic cap from the mod rig and apply your concentrate to whichever e-nail you prefer. When you power your mod to heat the rig, the warm-up time is just 10-15 seconds. When the desired wattage is reached, you can begin to inhale through the mouthpiece. Once the waxy concentrate has melted off of your tool, recap the e-Nail and you’ll receive a greater volume of vapor.

Poor Water in the Wulf Mod Rig
Apply to Mod Rig
Inhale Through Mod Rig Mouthpiece

Wulf Mod Rig Replacement Parts

When to Replace Wulf Mod Rig Components and Accessories

Wulf Mods replacement coils include the Dab Rig Heating Coil by Wulf Mods. On average, the coil in your rig will require replacement every few weeks depending on how often you vape. This coil is an OEM part that is produced to the same standards of quality as an original part and is made from stainless steel and fine cotton. It will provide many vaping sessions and is affordably priced. Other Wulf Mods vaporizer replacement parts include the Dab Rig Titanium Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods. You can also purchase a Dab Rig Ceramic Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods or a Dab Rig Quartz Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods. Like coils, your e-Nail will require replacement from time to time. These packages of three are convenient and economical. If you need Wulf Mods batteries for your box mod, there are several varieties to choose from such as the 18650 IMR Mod Batteries by Wulf Mods.

Wulf Mod Rig Heating Coil

Cleaning Your Mod Rig

WARNING: Always Make Sure the Unit is Cool Before Cleaning

To clean the glass attachment, first remove the glass attachment from the Wulf Mod Rig, then slowly pour 99% isopropyl alcohol into the mouthpiece until the unit is about 1/4 full.

Shake the attachment gently until clean.

Next, rinse out the alcohol, pour water into the top mouthpiece until all alcohol is thoroughly flushed out of the attachment. To remove all water from the device, blow through the mouthpiece and shake it gently.


How to Replace the Coil

Replace the Wulf Mod Rig Coil

Replace the Wulf Mod Rig Coil

Wulf Mod Rig Safety

Wulf Mod Rig Safety

Wulf Mod Rig Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Dab Rig

Wulf Mod Rig Warranty

Learn More About the Warranty for the Wulf Dab Rig

This product is a consumable, thus no warranty is available. Unused products that are D.O.A. will be eligible for a warranty exchange. For other information, please e-mail us at [email protected] or you can contact us at 1-888-827-3101.

While you are shopping GotVape.com for a Dab Rig Kit by Wulf Mods, don’t forget to check out our entire inventory of premium mods, tanks, and accessories. We especially love serving those who have found dabbing to be a better way to use concentrates. If you have a question about this kit or any of the products we offer, please contact us so that one of our friendly staff members can assist you. 

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