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Dabs Glass Bangers

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Dabs Glass Bangers

Dabs Glass bangers offer you an outstanding product with excellent reliability. When you need a professional-level banger, these items are designed to help you get the best possible session from your essential oils. Getting the right banger can make the difference between an amazing vaping experience and one that leaves you feeling unfulfilled. 

Dabs Glass Products

The advantage to using a banger is that it makes it possible to achieve smoother, more flavorful hits. Dabs Glass offers bangers in a variety of styles to get the full flavor from your essential oils. The banger body on all of the units is designed to keep the heat from your torch away from your piece. The bangers use an optimal thickness for the best safety and to reduce the chance of breakage. Bangers are available in a variety of styles, including trough, grail and eNail types in both male and female configurations. 

The Value of Glass

There are pros and cons of any material used in the construction of a banger, but glass tends to be a reliable and solid material that handles the changes in temperature well. Titanium and quartz are both good materials that can generally handle higher temperatures than glass. However, these materials tend to have limitations when it comes to design. You simply can't beat the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into a beautifully-made glass banger. Glass bangers are also extremely affordable, so you don't have to worry about losing a lot of money if your unit breaks. 

Superior Heat Retention

Bangers are designed to offer you superior heat retention so that your essential oils reach the proper temperature. Dabs Glass Bangers will help you to help you enjoy your session without having to worry about whether your glass can handle the heat of your application.

Trough Style Bangers

The Dabs Glass Trough bangers come in both male and female configurations. You'll be able to enjoy a product the gives you the proper restriction for an effective session. Superior air flow is achieved with a carefully designed opening that is designed to be proportional to the rest of the tubing. You'll be able to fit all sizes of dabs in the unit without spillage. Trough bangers are ideal for keeping the heat source at a distance.

Grail Style Bangers

A Dabs Glass Grail banger helps you to achieve maximum airflow to get the optimal flavor profile. The banger nails use a high-quality design that is sure to help you get the most out of your sessions. The items feature a thick bottom and come in both male and female configurations. Choose the size of the unit that fits your needs, and select from a 14mm or 16mm grail banger. The unit features a thick bottom so you won't have to worry about the unit breaking on you.

ENail Style Bangers

The Dabs Glass eNail banger gives you a smooth and controlled surface for heating your essential oils. These bangers work with your dab rig and are designed to be able to handle the rapid heating and cooling of your setup. The Dabs Glass eNails feature a male configuration and support a 16mm or 20mm coil. You don't get much simpler than a good eNail for dabbing, and you'll enjoy the durable construction of these units.