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What is an E Nail?

E Nails or commonly referred to as Electronic Nails are what you attach to your banger that allows the user to get the perfect temperature for the materials. The technology behind the electronic nail is simple; typically made of Titanium, units are comprised of a controller box which delivers heat through a coil connecting directly with the nails itself. In simple terms, E Nails don’t require a blowtorch to reach your preferred temperature due to it being electric.

With an E Nail, dabbers can simply turn the unit on and set a desired temperature. When the E Nail reaches the set temperature, users can enjoy unlimited dabs without worrying about heat variability. E Nails function by providing an added level of control to the dabber allowing them to use their rigs optimally to deliver top results.

How to Use an E Nail

Using an E Nail is a simple and easy process. Used for incredible sessions you first have to start by getting all your materials together. This means you’ll need your glass piece, nail, coil, dabber, dab material and control box.

After you’ve gathered all your materials its time to put them together. Attach your coil to the nail. To do this unscrew the top of the nail, then insert the top into the coil. After that screw the apheresis onto the bae of the nail.

Now its time to attach the nail to the control box. With the opposite end of the nail insert it into the control box. After that you can plug the control box into an outlet.

Now it’s time to attach the E Nail to the Rig. Once you’ve done that you can turn the Rig on and set the dial to your desired temperature.

When you’ve reached the perfect temperature, you’re all set to dab. Get you favorite dab materials and enjoy! Simple as that!

Why Go Electric

Why Go Electric? The Benefits of Electric Nails

The benefits of going electric for your nail’s ultimate heat source is a no brainer. For one, your nail will stay cleaner for longer as you are not burning the hash or concentrate but rather vaporizing it at optimal temperatures of your choice. Not only will your pieces stay clean, but your lungs will too. Low temp dabs are the sure way to preventing them from getting irritated while you’re trying to medicate.

Another benefit of E Nails are the awesome flavor profiles you get with utilizing one. This results in higher, full-bodied flavors and an increased presence of terpenes which means makes for more elevated inhales.

Another thing to consider is price; think about all the money that you spend on torches and can of fuel you need to fill them. Now imagine minimizing your expenses while reaching the perfect temperature each and every time. Opposed to having to wait for your nail to reach the right heat, E Nails automatically heat up to exactly what you want.

If you prefer great clouds, no messy clean ups and the perfect temperature every time, E Nails are your best bet.

Types of E Nails: Quartz, Ceramic, Titanium

The type of nail that you use can dramatically impact the performance the you receive. Typically, E Nails come in three different types; Quartz, Ceramic and Titanium. Each have their pros and cons, so really none are a bad choice. Let’s start with Quartz.

Quartz Nail

Quartz E Nails are a fan amongst most vapers. Renowned for their ability to retrain heat without overheating, is a pleasantry resulting in great vapor production. Quartz E Nails like the DBR Portable Quartz ENail 3 pk by Sutra Vape provide the best, potent natural flavors and are extremely durable with premium construction. These bad boys also give you a much faster heat-up time making it perfect for situations where you just can’t wait. Perfect for every experience level vaper. Quartz E Nails are resilient, dependable choice.

Ceramic ENail

Ceramic E Nails are a popular choice as well. Ceramic Nails are designed to retain heat, resulting in much longer dabbing sessions with each use as they don’t require as much power to keep your E-Rig heated to your preferred temperature. Ceramic E Nails like the DBR Portable Ceramic ENail 3pk by Sutra Vape, are also ideal for group dabbing allowing you to keep the party going as long as possible.

Titanium eNail

Titanium E Nails are for the user that wants durable, long-lasting use. Compared to other materials, Titanium E Nails are far more durable, able to retain much more heat and for a longer period of time that your average nail. Like the Titanium eNail Nail by Stratus, Titanium E Nails give a good balance between a quick heat up time and extended session length, making them a jack of all trades.

Variable Voltage

Buying an E Nail

E Nails are an essential item in any vaper’s kit. The perfect pairing to unmatched sessions, E Nails allow you to get the most out of your dabs. Delivering great flavors and equally impressive clouds, E Nails come in a variety of styles catering to every vaper’s preference. Typically, E Nails are cost around $5 to $25 dollars. Depending on the style and brand you can either get an E Nail cheaper in price or on the higher end side.

Luckily Got Vape offers all types of E Nails! From affordable to pricey pieces, we carry it all. Got Vape is your one stop shop for all your vaporizer needs. We even have a live Customer Service team that is here to help with whatever your need. Available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, Got Vape is your top online retailer!