Exxus Go Replacement Coil by Exxus Vape


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An Exxus GO Replacement Coil by Exxus Vape will return your unit to top shape and deliver massive vapor volume and rich flavor from your concentrates. This XL Triple Quartz coil is engineered to be efficient and precise, heating your concentrates to perfection each time. The quartz construction delivers a clean, smooth vape and helps to prevent the overheating that can result in a bitter or burnt taste.


Product Description

All vaporizer coils need to be replaced from time to time depending on how often you use your vaporizer. The tri-coil design of this coil is perfect for concentrates because it distributes heat evenly and thoroughly across a broad surface area, resulting in the perfect amount of vapor. It is efficient and will enable you to get the most out of each filling. Quartz is also prized for its quick heat-up time and also its ability to retain heat for longer periods. Finally, this replacement coil is economically priced so that you can easily order two or three at a time and always have spares on hand.

The Exxus GO Replacement Coil by Exxus Vape is also easily replaced. Simply remove the glass mouthpiece to expose the coil and then unscrew the old component to remove. Insert the new coil, hand tighten it, replace the mouthpiece and you are ready to enjoy your vaporizer once again. The entire process takes just a few seconds and is reflective of how user-friendly the Exxus GO is. This coil is also an OEM part, fashioned in the same facilities and to the same specifications as the original. It also satisfies all of the existing industry standards for safety and quality.

Other Exxus Vape Vaporizer replacement parts for the Exxus GO include the Exxus GO Bent Glass Mouthpiece by Exxus Vape. Made of resilient quartz glass, this part is useful if your original mouthpiece has become cracked or broken. You should regularly examine your mouthpiece to make sure it is not defective as this will affect the overall quality of a vape. The Exxus GO Vacuum Base by Exxus Vape is also handy if you have misplaced the one which came with your vaporizer. It is made of durable plastic and contoured specifically to fit the Exxus GO, keeping it upright and secure when not in use.

Exxus Vape vaporizers have gained a reputation for being stellar devices that are innovative and intuitive. While the company specializes in devices for those who vape dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates, they also produce high-quality pen-style vaporizers that can be used to vape traditional e-liquids. Replacement parts for these units include Exxus Vape batteries and Exxus Vape tanks such as the Exxus V2 Replacement Clearomizer by Exxus Vape and the Exxus Spinner V2 1600 mAh Battery by Exxus Vape. When you purchase replacement parts from this brand you can do so with the confidence that each one is backed by the company’s reputation for integrity.

Exxus Vape is based in California and is a highly-regarded manufacturer of innovative vaporizers that push the boundaries of vaporizer technology. In addition to the Exxus GO, the company has developed the Exxus Mini which is the smallest dry herb vaporizer of its kind. Portability and a compact design are a hallmark of all Exxus Vape devices.

While you are shopping GotVape.com for an Exxus GO Replacement Coil by Exxus Vape, be sure to check out all of the premium tanks, mods, and accessories we offer from all of the top brands. We also have many designer e-liquids to choose from. If you have a question about these coils, please feel free to contact us via email so that we may assist you.

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