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Exxus Vape Vaporizers

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Exxus Vape Vaporizers

Exxus offers a wide range of vaping products that are designed to help you enjoy a superior vaping session. The company makes it a point to make all of the user-replaceable parts available for sale. As one of the premier providers of vaporizers and accessories, the company is able to offer an exceptional product line with devices suited for a variety of occasions.

Exxus offers dry vaporizers, concentrate vaporizers, e-Liquid vaporizers, portable vaporizers and vape pens. The company also manufactures skillets designed to give users the ultimate in convenience when it comes to enjoying an effective vaping session using concentrates. Enjoy a long product life with plenty of user-replaceable parts that are designed to keep your unit working like new. 

Exxus Dry Portable Vaporizer

The Exxus Dry portable vaporizer bridges the gap between extreme portability and exceptional performance. With this unit, you won't need to compromise quality for a better design and extreme portability. The unit uses a ceramic heating oven, which makes it possible to obtain exceptional vapor production for several hours at a time. The temperature of the unit ranges from 300F to 435F, and you can select the temperature that works best for your concentrates.

Exxus Mini Vaporizer

The Exxus Mini vaporizer is one of the smallest vaporizers you'll find on the market. It delivers exceptional flavor and good volume. For such a small unit, it does a good job of competing with the larger units available on the market. It is only four inches tall and one inch wide, but this little unit packs a powerful punch. You'll enjoy the added convenience and functionality of this vaporizer. Warming up takes only 25 seconds, and you'll be able to reach a maximum temperature of 430F. It also offers even heat distribution to avoid that burnt taste that comes from some inferior units. 

Exxus Maxx Concentrate Vaporizer

Designed for concentrates, this unit comes in several colors so you can choose the option that fits your personality. It's a great starter unit and will also be a welcome addition to more advanced vapers who want a simple unit to enjoy their concentrates. You'll enjoy the slim and sleek styling, and it comes with two skillet options so you can use this unit for multiple purposes. The device can be used with both concentrates and essential oils. With three temperature settings, you can easily select the temperature that works best for you.

Exxus Twist Concentrate Vaporizer

The Exxus Twist is not just portable and compact, it's the ideal portable vaporizer for use with essential oils. You'll love the ability to adjust the voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 volts. It comes in several color choices, and you'll enjoy how easily this unit fits in your hand. It has a smooth design that feels great to hold, and the voltage setting control function will have you enjoying a highly customized vaping experience. 

Skillet Options

When you need to take your vaping experience to the next level, you can choose from three different skillets manufactured by Exxus. The company manufactures a quartz, ceramic and disc skillet to meet specific vaping conditions. The quartz skillet uses a premium-quality coil head that can be used with thick concentrates or essential oils. You'll receive consistently thick vapor with this skillet and the quartz stone offers superior durability. The ceramic skillet also works well with concentrates and essential oils, but it also gives you a more even heating of your oils and concentrates. The disc skillet uses a design free of metal so that the metallic material doesn't change the flavor of your blends for a pure taste.