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Firefly Vaporizers

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Firefly Vapes

Firefly Vapor is a world-class manufacturer of vaporizers for dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates that have received stellar reviews from a variety of publications and websites including Newsweek, Gizmodo, and The Vape Critic. Heralded for their precision and reliability, Firefly Vaporizers raise the bar through innovation and intuitive features that enhance the vaping experience.

The brand was created in 2012 by Sasha Robinson and Mark Williams, two individuals with a passion for bettering the lives of individuals who have chosen to vape dry herbs and concentrates as an alternative to traditional methods of consumption. From the very beginning, the company had a vision of producing vaporizers that were durable, reliable, and amenable to the active lifestyle of today’s vaper. They committed themselves to the best designs, using the best materials, and testing each product to ensure quality in all aspects. Thus far, thousands of vapers have discovered the pleasures of using a Firefly with many more joining the ranks each month.

Their initial offering, the Firefly Vaporizer, met with immediate success and was recognized by the New York Times and Wired Magazine for its superior performance. As a result, the company was honored with the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum in 2014. It was the first time the award was given to a vaporizer company. A big reason for the superiority of Firefly Vapor’s designs is simply the experience of the company’s founders. Mark Williams worked in Silicon Valley for 20 years prior to founding this brand, and even helped with the development of the Apple Mac OS X interface. Now, along with Robinson, he brings his expertise to the design of top-shelf vaporizers.

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer by Firefly is the brand’s latest offering. Featuring a chassis that is smaller and lighter than the original Firefly, this vaporizer provides maximum portability without sacrificing important features. It will vaporizer both plant material and concentrates, and the warm-up time is mere seconds. The vapor path is made of Borosilicate glass, providing a cleaner and purer vape that boasts amazing flavor. The mouthpiece is made of FDA food-safe Triton polymer which also helps to retain the pristine flavor of the vapor.

Top of the Line Vaporizers by Firefly

All Firefly Vaporizers are backed by a 2-year Limited Warranty against manufacturer defects in material and workmanship under normal use. The warranty is fully transferable and covers exchange or full replacement of a defective device. The brand stands proudly behind all of the devices they produce, and they have a strong reputation for superior customer service.

This brand is one that is passionate and cares about the concerns of vapers. All of their devices are fully compliant with industry standard certifications for safety and quality. The professionals tasked with creating these vaporizers constantly monitor feedback from the vaping community and work to implement that feedback into their new designs. Above all else, the brand has a genuine respect for the vaping community and its colorful culture. They get it, and this is evident in the perfection of each vaporizer they produce. High standards ensure that each device leaving the production facilities is a work of art, offering you the maximum value for your vaping dollar.

While you are shopping for a vaporizer from Firefly Vapors, be sure to check out our entire line of premium vaporizers and accessories for dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates. We have a deep affection for this niche of the vaping community and work hard to stock all of the items they require. We also have a friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff that is ready to assist you with any questions you may have about any or our products.