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In order to enhance your herbal vaporizing pleasure, the Flame Hot Box Vaporizer is a multipurpose device with an innovative design. It allows for a healthier and more effective alternative to other more conventional methods. The hot box features a patented tile construction with a heat source that has been ingeniously engineered to allow the unit to be able to heat up and then stay at the perfect temperature, which provides for a more efficient, effective and overall satisfying experience.


Product Description

The Flame Hot Box Vaporizer is hand made in Orange County, California. This is a hands-free unit that is often said to be the best-selling aromatherapy vaporizing unit in its class. It has a two piece wand, which makes screen replacement and cleaning far more easily accomplished. The heating source has been newly engineered and when combined with the hand finished construction of ceramic tile, this vaporizer is now more effective and efficient than ever.

To use the Hot Box all you have to do is plug it in to a 110V outlet and wait for about 5 to 10 minutes until the unit has heated up. Once the vaporizer has reached the perfect temperature, place your herbal materials in the filling chamber of the wand and then just slide the wand into the heating element. In just a few seconds your herbal materials will begin to vaporize and you will be ready to enjoy your session.

This high-quality vaporizer has an exterior treatment with a unique flame graphic. The unit itself produces an aromatic and thick vapor. This is a small box (4"X4"X4") that is easily portable and simple to operate but has been built with quality construction. The Hot Box Flame Vaporizer is available in a variety of colors and the ceramic tile construction features and absorbing glaze, which helps to keep the outside of the box cool when the unit is in use.

The heating element itself is designed in order to keep an optimal level of heat on your herbal blends and is constructed from premium nichrome ceramic. Other than the special two piece whip kit, this unit also comes with a power switch for easy on and off use. This is perfect for novices and anyone else who simply wishes to not have to deal with devices that are complicated to use.

The Hot Box Flame Vaporizer performs just as well as it looks. It features an eye-catching flame design and is available in several colors. The ceramic tile construction, which keeps the outside of the unit cool, combined with the high quality ceramic heating element, which allows for optimal temperatures in under a minute, all combine to provide for an enjoyable and rich... pure vaping experience. So, if you are looking for a simple yet effective herbal vaporizer that is compact and features high-quality tile and stone construction, plus a uniquely engineered heating element, then the Flame Hot Box Vaporizer might be just what you have been looking for.

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