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The GPen Pro Vaporizer by Grenco Science is a streamline, compact, and powerful vaporization product. It is intended strictly for dry herb use and as a result, is designed to best accommodate those products. It has an adjustable temperature option brings the device to 375°F, 400°F, and 428°F. The GPen Pro's rechargeable battery carries the device across multiple uses. The fuss free, single button, and minimalist design make this a classy addition in the collections of novices and pros alike. 


Product Description

GPen Pro Vaporzier by Grenco Science hits all the important marks of a quality dry herb vaporizer. A side light display indicates when the device's rechargeable battery is charging by flashing the green lights in a sequence. Once they remain on and lit, the device is completely charged and ready for use. Once the bowl is packed, the mouth piece easily snaps on making sessions simple and worry free. The kit includes a scrub brush to help maintain and clean the pen. The overall impact of the device is one of a clean, flavor packed draw with massive vapor payoff.

Pressing the power button five times activates the device to its first temperature setting. When the lights are blue, the pen will reach 375°F. When the button is pressed and held again, the lights turn green and the temperature will rise to 400°F. A final press and hold of the power button will turn the side display lights red and the temperature rises to its peak point of 428°F. The GPen Pro has a built in auto shut-off feature that occurs after four minutes of disuse. It can also be manually shut off with five presses of the power button. 

Grenco Science urges their customers to register each device's unique serial number through the website. By doing this, every person has access to a one year warranty offered for each product. It is also the best way to give your device the longevity of life it deserves. 

Some users may be looking for a device that is geared more towards concentrates. GPen Dual Quartz Vaporizer by Grenco Science is a premium concentrate vaporizer. The internal dual quartz coils are wrapped in titanium and ultimately create an idyllic heating environment. The mouthpiece has an integrated screen to filter every draw. The end result of that of a massive, vapor filled inhal and impressive cloud exhalation. The sleek and portable design of the pen make is an easy addition to any collection.

Grenco Science, the manufacturer of these devices, since starting their company a few years ago, have pushed themselves to make high quality, user friendly devices. They also strive to design products that are easily carried or transported. Grenco Science was the trailblazer for an innovative product designed specifically for personal aromatherapy undertakings. They also have Charity Series of products where a portion of the proceeds go to nonprofit organizations. They push their business ethos to be morally conscious, but also turn out premier products. 

As you consider the GPen Pro Vaporzier by Grenco Science, please look through the other makers of pens that are available at GotVape.com. We also offer comprehensive lines of mods, tanks, supplies, and e-liquids. If you see something that you need more information on or have any general questions, please call our customer care team as they are knowledgeable and willing to help.

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