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Herb Grinder

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Dry Herb Grinder

What is a Dry Herb Grinder?

Like peanut butter and jelly, vaporizers and Dry Herb Grinders go hand and hand. The number one accessory for incredible sessions, Dry Herb Grinders help you get the most out of your materials. Easily breaking down the stickiest of herbs, these grinders give your goodies a consistent texture allowing for an even vape for a more efficient, smooth and refreshing session.

Overall with a Dry Herb Grinder you can expect more consistent material, faster break down and storage as well as even heating of your herbs for an improved experience. Basically, your life gets a whole lot easier with a Dry Herb Grinder by your side.

How to Use a Dry Herb Grinder

Using a grinder is totally easy!

  • Step #1:
  • Take the lid off, of course. Use your fingers and break down your dry herbs, placing them in between the grinder’s teeth. Try to avoid putting any materials in the direct center of the center as typically this is where the magnet (if Titanium & Aluminum) pivots, so no dry herb will get shredded. For acrylic grinders, normally they only employ teeth so you will be free to put your dry herbs where you want.

  • Step#2:
  • Replace the top of the grinder and twist both top and bottom, turning in opposite directions making sure to shred through your dry herbs. After a few twists your dry herb will be ready to go, giving you the consistency of crushed pepper.

    If you have a Titanium or Aluminum multi-chamber grinder you will need to give the grinder about 5 times rotations in opposite directions until all of the dry herb has fallen through the holes to the catching chamber. You can remove the top and tap it against the grinder’s side to help loosen up any sticky pieces that did not make it thru the teeth.

  • Step#3:
  • Unscrew the top from the bottom and voilà, freshly ground dry herb!

    With your Titanium or Aluminum multi- chamber grinders, unscrew the chamber with the teeth to find the basket layer holding your dry herb.

    Then you can load your goodies into your favorite vaporizer.

    How to Clean your Dry Herb Grinder

    How to Clean Dry Herb Grinder

    After some time of use, your Dry Herb Grinder is going to become sticky. Overloaded with resin and old herbs, it will get hard to screw both sides making it gummy and difficult to twist or open. When this happens sometimes, you’ll be able to revive it with some cleaning but other times you have to let it go by replacing the grinder all together. Here are some tips on avoiding your Dry Herb Grinder from locking up on you and keeping it running smoothly.

    When you feel like your grinder is getting too hard to twist, the first thing you should tackle is the build-up and resin. To do that, rub the sticky grinder parts with isopropyl alcohol and salt. This go to cleaning method will break down the leftover gunk from your grinder and have it running smooth again.

    Another way you can keep your Dry Herb Grinder clean is by taking a small old brush (ex. A stiff-bristled paintbrush or clean beard brush or even a everyday clean toothbrush) to knock or scrub loose the residue from the chamber and screen. Small stokes and it will be clean and working as new.

    If it gets to the point where it is irredeemably stick, sometimes it’s best to let it go and replace the grinder all together, especially if they’re cheaper in price.

    Types of Dry Herb Grinders: Acrylic, Aluminum& Titanium Herb Grinders

    Acrylic Grinders

    An Acrylic Dry Herb Grinder is a great, inexpensive grinder. Made of premium grade acrylic material they are great for a vaper that doesn’t want to spend much on a quality grinder. With a top, bottom and sometimes compartments, the dry herb is grinded down, falling to the chamber compartment that collects all the good. Typically, after a few twists the dry herb is crushed up, giving the user a consistent, grounded material.

    Because it is made of acrylic, plastic materials, these grinders are typically more lightweight and very transportable allowing you to take them where you go. Acrylic Dry Herb Grinders like the 2 pc Magnetic Acrylic Grinder are commonly cheaper in price, costing you anywhere from $5 to the most $15 dollars. Not bad for an essential accessory!

    Titanium Grinders

    Aluminum & Titanium Dry Herb Grinders are upgraded, advanced grinders made of superior, high-grade Aluminum or Titanium for durability as well as long lasting usage. Aluminum is the more popular choice, which is often titanium-coated.

    Both make for amazing grinders. Breaking down your favorite dry herbs with no struggles at all. These grinders come in different varieties including two-piece like the 2 pc Got Vape Aluminum Grinder 50mm, three-piece like the 3 pc Space Case Scout Grinder Small Magnet 38mm and even four-piece grinders like the 4 pc Space Case Grinder Large 89mm. All made to grind your dry herbs to the perfect consistency. Tearing through the toughest and stickiest of herbs, Aluminum & Titanium Dry Herb Grinders are the perfect choice for the vaper who prefers a sturdy, durable grinder.

    Buying a Dry Herb Grinder

    Buying a Dry Herb Grinder

    Before purchasing there are few things you should keep in mind; price, reviews and versatility.

    Of course, when you purchase anything you have to think about price. You have to go over how much you want to spend for the item that you want. In this case, if your buy a cheaper grinder or a pricier grinder, you’re in luck because overall you won’t be spending too much. It is always good to budget and think over price before purchasing.

    Reviews are also a good way to know if what you’re interested in is worth the buy. Doing a little research and reading over reviews helps you get opinions and experiences from other users like you. Resulting in it being easier to determine the pros and cons of the product.

    Finding a versatile grinder is a must. You want a grinder that will grind down your goodies but can also act as storage. That way your dry herbs will stay fresh and will be safe as well as ready to go for your next session.

    All good tips to keep in mind before any buy!

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