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If you're a true vaping aficionado, then you know just how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be to hold a vaporizer that feels too hot. That's why the brains here at Loki Vape are offering you an exciting and dependable silicone sleeve for your Loki Touch digital vaporizer. If you want to optimize your experience with the Loki Touch digital vape, depending on our silicone sleeve can be the wise route for you, to say the least. 


Product Description

Our Loki Touch silicone sleeve doesn't conceal the digital vaporizer in full at all. The sleeve functions as an additional heat guard that keeps the device cooler while you're holding it. If you want to put the silicone sleeve on your Loki Touch vaporizer, it goes directly on its bottom portion. This handy sleeve can make carrying your device feel like a walk in the park. We wouldn't steer you wrong here at Loki Vape. 

Our silicone sleeve offers a great fit. It's a cinch to put on as well. It only takes a second or so to put this sleeve on and keep your vape nice, cool and comfortable. Our silicone sleeve is also great for people who are concerned about sliding. If you've had negative experiences with silicone sleeves in the past that were prone to sliding and falling off (and potential harm), this product will be a lovely and welcome change for you. 

Our cooling silicone sleeve for the Loki Touch digital vaporizer can change your vaping journey for the better, and that's definitely no exaggeration. It can give your digital vaporizer the cooling benefits it deserves. Our silicone sleeve also boasts an attractive and pleasant design that can lift your spirits in a big way. If you want to inject your digital vaporizer with a little extra life and vitality, you should never say no to our Loki Touch Silicone Sleeve. If you use our silicone sleeve, you'll never have to worry about the discomfort of overheating. Who wants to walk around with hands that feel hot and sweaty, anyway? When you use our silicone sleeve, you'll look stylish and like you don't have a care in the world.

The whole point of vaping is pure enjoyment. That's why our silicone sleeve is so crucial. It can be hard to take advantage of a vaping session if your hands feel like they're burning hot. The silicone sleeve we offer can take all of those concerns away for you. If you want to vape and feel like the picture of cool and carefree comfort, this silicone sleeve has you covered 100 percent. A little bit of effort can go such a long way.

If you're someone who genuinely loves vaping, we're a Corona, California business that can satisfy all of your needs, period. You can contact us at any time to request more information about our available vaping products including our cooling silicone sleeve. Call us at Loki Vape as soon as possible for further details. Our staff members are friendly people who also happen to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic vaping specialists.

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