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Lotus Vaping Technologies

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Lotus Vaping Technologies Vapes

Lotus Vaping Technologies LLC is a renowned vaping manufacturer that produces all different varieties of products. It's headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Lotus Vaping Technologies makes products including mods, atomizers, tanks, e-juice and replacement components. Vaping accessories are also available from the company. If you have your eye on the Jelly Fish Box Mod from Lotus Vaping Technologies, look no further GotVape. GotVape is a highly regarded vaping supplies business.

The Jelly Fish Box Mod is quite a formidable force in the box mod universe. That's keeping things understated, too. The mod's 4000 mAh battery is so strong that it can last for hours without a break. It's a regulated box mod that's equipped with a vast array of innovative and convenient components. Although the Jelly Fish Box Mod is an impressive device, it actually manages to be extremely user-friendly. It's quite a straightforward product. If you want to use it, you just have to get acquainted with its three buttons. All of these buttons are situated on its side. Two of these buttons can help you create an individualized vaping session. One can help you accomplish all of your firing goals. This box mod's design is fresh and attractive. Its finish is soft and sleek and therefore optimal for people who like to look good while they vape. 

The Jelly Fish Box Mod can accommodate a maximum of 53 watts. It can be used in conjunction with any available atomizer that has resistance that ranges from anywhere between 0.25 ohms and 3.0 ohms. If you appreciate the idea of a box mod that can inform you of your atomizer's resistance at the moment, you'll appreciate the Jelly Fish Box Mod. This mod can also be excellent for people who like solid and reliable suggestions. It gives suggestions for optimal voltage and wattage ranges. These tips can be helpful for people who want to enhance their performance. 

Lotus Vaping Technologies' Jelly Fish Box Mod

There are quite a few protective benefits associated with the Jelly Fish Box Mod from Lotus Vaping Technologies. This box mod offers defense against the risks of short circuiting, over discharging and over charging. If the mod shorts out, it'll turn off on its own immediately. If its voltage drops beyond 2.8 -2V, it will turn off instantly as well. The mod also immediately ceases charging after it attains its 100 percent goal. These are just a few of the practical and sensible perks that are part of owning Lotus Vaping Technologies' famed mod. 

It's no surprise that this box mod is known by the name of "Jelly Fish." Just like the marine animal, this box mod is truly elegant and visually stunning. It also has another big thing in common with the jellyfish, however, and that's its ferocious power. If you're a vaping enthusiast who has a penchant for incredible power, superior flavor and thick clouds (and perhaps a combination of those three things), Lotus Vaping Technologies' Jelly Fish Box Mod should be part of your life as soon as possible. There's simply no time to delay such joy! When you need a box mod that has variable wattage and an enormous internal battery, there's just no improving on this one. 

GotVape is an honest and reliable Southern California company that's all about the greatest vaping supplies on the planet. If you want to dive into the wonderful universe of vaping fun, we're your team. Get in contact with our company as soon as possible for more insight into the Jelly Fish Box Mod from Lotus Vaping Technologies. Contact us A.S.A.P. for more insight into our many other first-class vaping products as well.