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Portable Vaporizers

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What are Portable Vapes?

Portable Vaporizers are exactly that – lightweight, compact in size and easy to carry. The other term that those vapes are known for is “handheld vaporizers”. These handheld vaporizers are very popular among other vape categories including the desktop vapes. Compared to table top vaporizers handheld vapes are not only different in size but also different in vapor quality and vape clouds. Portable vapes have less power and efficiency than stationary vaporizers but those units have their own advantages which are: affordability, low maintenance, portability, the sleek design, lighter weight etc.

Why Go for Portable Vapes?

Now that’s easy… if you are a person who’s always on the go then portable vaporizers are made exactly for you. Those authentic portable e cig vaporizers are very convenient for people who are always out in the public or absent from home for most of the time. Portable vaporizers have some advantages of their own the most relevant of them being quick to heat up. In case of desktop vaporizers, you have to wait a bit after turning it on in order to vape. That’s not the case with handheld vaporizers, those are able to serve you right after pressing the “ON” button which saves you a lot of time. These easy to carry vapes should never be underrated as they are capable of producing a decent amount of flavorful vapor.

Choosing the Best Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer

Shopping for a vaporizer can be a great experience for people who know their criteria but if you are new to vaping, the wide range of choices can feel a bit overwhelming. If you're trying to find a great portable vaporizer to add to your collection, we have no doubt in our minds that our vape shop is the answer.

When choosing a dry herb handheld vaporizer, power, versatility, convenience and performance are the key factors to look for. Since on the go vaporizers can be used almost anywhere, it’s essential to be able to replace the spare parts when yours get out of shape. Many of these portable vapes such as VaporGenie, Magic Flight Launch Box or the Iolite WISPR use lithium ion or alkaline batteries and some are even cordless, which makes them easy to find and replace wherever you go.

Where to buy a Portable Vaporizer?

Finding a great portable vaporizer doesn't have to be overwhelming, confusing or frustrating. We simplify the process for you here at GotVape. Our product listings are all neat, organized and detailed. Our portable e-cigs can fit easily into your pocket for use any time you want. If you want access to your unit at any hour of the day, our portable offerings are definitely up your alley.

GotVape is a highly regarded Southern California company that offers the finest and most trustworthy vaping product expertise around. If you have questions about any of our available portable vaporizers, please contact us by email, telephone or online assistance. Reach out to us today to learn about our world-class portable vaporizer choices.