Black front Wulf Mods Classic Vaporizer
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Wulf Mods Classic Vaporizer

Wulf Mods Classic Vaporizer

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⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

The Portable Wulf Vape Classic

The Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer by Wulf Mods is a portable aromatherapy unit that's optimal for fans of single handed use. It's appropriate for dry herb vaporization needs. Significant features of this user-friendly vaporizer include its three temperature settings, Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, automatic shutoff and direct inhalation approach. The automatic shutoff feature turns this device off after a period of 5 minutes of nonstop heat. This vaporizer heats up in just 90 fast seconds.

The Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer by Wulf Mods is a walk in the park to use. All you need is one hand to properly operate this compact device. It can make a reliable vaporization unit for people who enjoy dry herb vaporization. If you want to own a vaporizer that is perfectly small and light, this Wulf Mods vape won't disappoint you. It features a stainless steel heater that runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery. It requires only 90 seconds to heat up, too. This device comes in both black and red.

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The Wulf Vape Classics Stainless Steel Oven

If you want to relish pure vaping pleasure for an hour without interruption, the Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer by Wulf Mods should be able to work out wonderfully for you. It has a lengthy filling chamber that enables users to quickly insert and extract their aromatherapy while in use.

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An Overview of the Wulf Classic

Got Vape is an acclaimed Southern California supplier of vaporization products such as the Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer. If you ever need to purchase replacement parts for this compact unit, you can count on our business to have precisely what you want. We sell the Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer Mouthpiece Silicone Cover. This is an affordable OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) piece that's sturdy and strong.

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What Comes with the Classic?

Our online store also sells the Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer Screen 5 PK. If you want to buy a set of five replacement screens for your unit, this budget-friendly pack is the correct choice. These stainless steel spare screens can be cleaned easily. Got Vape also carries both the Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer Mouthpiece and Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer Power Cord.

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The Wulf Classic on the Go

People who purchase this attractive portable vaporizer from Wulf Mods receive a handful of essential pieces. They receive user manuals, four spare mouthpiece tips, single filters and single USB (Universal Serial Bus) chargers. If you want to learn how to use this Wulf Mods vaporizer like a champion, reading the user manual is essential. If you ever need replacement mouthpieces, durable spares can come in extremely handy, too. These are great for being able to change while you are out and about with your vaporizer.

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Safety and Quality of the Wulf Vape Classic

Property safety practices are vital for any smart and careful vaping enthusiast out there. The Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer luckily comes with the convenience and security of automatic shutoff. If your device experiences 10 nonstop minutes of extended heat, it will automatically turn itself off. This can give you a maximum of an hour of nonstop use for every full charge. If you're all about vaping efficiency and convenience, this feature is indispensable.

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Wulf Vape Classic Instructions

Removing the Wulf Vape Classic Mouthpiece


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The Ideal Way to Fill the Classic

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Wulf Classic Operation

The LED (light-emitting diode) display helps users keep track of the three available temperature settings, all of which are adjustable. The red light is for 360 degrees Fahrenheit. The green light is for 380 degrees. The blue light, last but not least, is for 420 degrees.

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Smooth and Simple Wulf Classic

Charging the Wulf Classic on white background

Wulf Mods is a vaporization manufacturer that is headquartered in Southern California. The brand masterminds many choices in vaporizers, mods, e-liquids, spare components and accessories. If you're searching for additional information about Wulf Mods' Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer, don't think twice about reaching out to the staff here at Got Vape. We genuinely enjoy helping customers who want to learn about our top-notch product offerings. Our retailer also offers customers ample choices in box mod vapes, RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) tanks, vapor pens, portable vaporizers and dab nails. Get in contact with us A.S.A.P.

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WARNING: Do not charge with a powerbank of 5V or higher. Do not charge in your car. Do not overcharge or use any other charging cable other than what comes with your battery. Failure to follow these instructions could result in battery damage and frying of the internal system.

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Greatly disappointed

Wanted a portable vaporizer, thought this one sounded good. Either I got a faulty one or I have unrealistic expectations, like it should actually work. I get perhaps 2 loads before the battery dies, making the portability factor useless. Also not happy about the temp settings, much hotter than I needed with our previous vaporizer (a plug-in).

My very own Muzzle Loader!

I absolutely love this gadget...Every time I use it, I feel like Im stuffing gunpowder into a muzzle loader,Even a brush to clean out the barrel.But why no bud scooper I askThere is everything else...Screens, tips, mouth pieces and a brush. So i ask, why not a scooper as well. It would then be perfect!Auto-Off is a engineering gift handed down from Vulcan himself-Im never worried about burning my apartment down.Had a Hot Box for years, and was always scared. This vap does double duty awesomely: Both as A) A desktop vape. And, B) A portable vape.Both are done exceedingly well.This unit is so easy to use that it makes vaping pot too convenient.So, I'm stoned everywhere I go now… awesome.Very efficient chamber on this Wulf, no wasted bud. Very evenly cooked.Its a little tight on air flow for my tastes, I wish the carb was more open.I'm a pro, so you know, I need the control.But this is minor. The air flow rate(diameter of opening) is well enough.I love that it can be used while charging!! A bonus!Temp setting do matter-Moisture content of the bud matters too-..How resin heavy or sticky, effects burn too in my experience.Use higher setting, faster draw, for moist or resin heavy bud;Like Sour Diesel.Use lower settings, slower draw, for drier or less resin dense bud;Like Pineapple Express for example.Screen seems to be doing well so far against sticky bud. Its staying clear and easy to clean. A nice bonus here, and marks for ease of use.Don't over pack. Stay on the loss side.NOTE: Do others do this?There are essential two screens, one front on mouth piece, and one rear, in the chamber wall itself. So in theory, you can draw OR blow into the chamber without bud loss, yes?.So, I've made it a practice to every so often, blow into the chamber gentle, as to roll the bud around, and also, to clear the screen. Its works well. But obviously, don't blow you bud away. Duh.This is a veteran move.Heats very fast.Holds heat well, but can be overdrawn if you're a fiend.Those buttons do glow though!! Like Rudolphs nose. So watch the po po at night. Or use it as a safety light, and wave it around. Another gem to add to this device… a tone or chime, that goes off when chamber temp is good.So when i leave it to make tea, I know when to walk back and hit it, awe yeah!5 stars. A win win here folks!

Epic Vape For The $$$

Got this little unit the other day and have been spoiled on it since... With three temp settings your sure to find the one that fits your needs best, I prefer 420 degrees myself... It gives off some gnarly vape clouds and I have seen it lean a few people against a tree... If your looking for the best bang for your buck, this is it... Have already recommended to friends...

Maybe Not


Wulf vape classic

I needed to go vape as I use medicinally now. I did alot of research before I wanted to make that investment. I know some models can be quite expensive. I wanted something portable, rechargeable, but most of all, effective. I decided to go with the Wulf Vape Classic. The price was ideal, I think I spent way under $200 for it, it met my other criteria, and it even looks kinda bad was. But like I said, I wanted something that worked well and I am thrilled with the ease of use (3 temp settings, on/off all with one button control), it heats up quickly although when the indicator light turns green give it another 30 secs to get a quality drag, with a quality vapor upon exhale. The quality of the effect is top notch and as I'm the only person to use it, I've noticed I burn through about 1/3 - 1/2 less supply over combustion, so there are even financial benefits to an already affordable unit. It's my first vape ever, and I'm so glad I did my research on it and other top recommendations because I love it, and this brand has earned itself a future loyal customer.

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