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Wulf Mods Digital Vaporizer

Wulf Mods Digital Vaporizer

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⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Mobility and the Wulf Vape Digital

Few portable vaporizers for dry herbs can claim to be as versatile as this little unit. It has a double circulation heating system that heats plant material efficiently and effectively. When vaping dry herbs it is critical that heat be distributed and spread over a large surface area at a temperature that can be customized to individual preferences. This vaporizer has a temperature range of 200F to 428F, and multiple air intake vents are present to aid the vaporization process. The result is more vapor than one would expect from a unit this size and robust flavor. The LCD screen provides easy monitoring, and adjustments can be made with the simple press of a button.

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Wulf Vape Digital Stainless Steel Oven

It all begins with how the herbs are heated. Poor heating can either fail to create sufficient vapor or burn the herb. Many of the professionals at Wulf Mods are vapers themselves, so they understand the unique requirements of the vaporizers they design.

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Wulf Vape Digital Overview

Vapers will love the rechargeable Li-Ion battery used by the Wulf Vape Digital Vaporizer by Wulf Mods which offers hours of run time. The unit also has low voltage protection that will deactivate the heating cycle once the battery nears depletion and also alerts the user by flashing the LCD Screen.

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What's Inside the Wulf Digital Box?

Wulf Vape Digital Vaporizer replacement parts are also available and include the Wulf Vape Digital Vaporizer Mouthpiece by Wulf Mods. Made from durable plastics, this mouthpiece is just what you need if yours is performing poorly due to normal wear and tear.

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The Wulf Digital On the Go

Portability and Convenience are important considerations in today's active society. Vapers want rigs that can be placed in a pocket, purse, or backpack and transported with a minimum of fuss. To this end, the vaporizers made by Wulf Mods are all durable and can withstand significant wear and tear.

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Wulf Digital Safety

All vaporizers made by Wulf Mods meet or exceed the industry-standard certifications for quality and safety. The are subjected to the highest levels of quality control at each stage of the production process, and Wulf Mods does an excellent job of self-regulation to ensure consistency across their entire product line. You can expect these vaporizers to work perfectly right out of the box.

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Wulf Vape Digital Instructions

Fill the Wulf Digital

A mouthpiece is an important component to the overall quality of your vape. Signs that it may need replacement are lower vapor production and less flavor.


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Grinding Your Blend for the Digital

Based in Corona, California, Wulf Mods has become a popular brand for its devotion to the vaping lifestyle. Specializing in vaporizers for dry herbs, oils, and concentrates, Wulf Mods focuses on designing vaporizers that make use of the latest technology to perfect the vaporization of plant material. Vaping dry herbs demands a little more precision from a vaporizer than the traditional vaping of e-liquids.

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Temperature Controls for the Wulf Vape Digital

This commitment to excellence allowed them to create products such as the Wulf Vape LX Vaporizer by Wulf Mods. Like other units produced by the brand, this one boasts a heating element that is made from fine ceramics to enable optimum heating that can be precisely controlled. The also make the Wulf Vape SX Vaporizer by Wulf Mods that offers maximum portability and convenience.

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On the Go Wulf Digital

Fast and Smooth Vaping with the Wulf Digital

While you are shopping for a Wulf Vape Digital Vaporizer by Wulf Mods, be sure to check out our entire inventory of premium tanks, mods, and accessories. If you have any questions about this vaporizer, be sure to contact us via live chat or email.

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Recharging is quickly accomplished with an included USB cable. To top it all off, the unit is backed by a 1-year warranty and Wulf Mods' stellar reputation for vaporizers that outperform similar units in their price range.

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WARNING: Do not charge with a powerbank of 5V or higher. Do not charge in your car. Do not overcharge or use any other charging cable other than what comes with your battery. Failure to follow these instructions could result in battery damage and frying of the internal system.

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
First impressions..

Just received the Wulf Digital Vape. First impression is that is looks cheap. Yes I know this is probably a low end vape but $100 to me means it better be worth it. The fake chrome coating is already chipped and pealing off of the buttons and around the mouth piece. 2nd thing I notice is that there is no way I'm going to be able to see the digital screen if it is even slightly dark. I'm turning it towards a light just to read it. No backlight? Since gotvape doesn't accept returns now that I've opened the package I'm really hoping the actual vapor experience itself turns my thoughts around. I'll review again once I've given it a full test.


What we will do with the digital Wulf vapes is figure out the exact temperature, for the load, change it, as the load is completely gassed, then burn the dust, to start a joint or bowl-top, for complete combustion, of all medicine.

Down a star, after one day. Still a good value, but NOT GOOD ENOUGH:

I bought the Wulf Digital for general vape use, per 420 in Cali.I like to toast a mix of bud and bubble hash, then eat the nugs. With modest -pi- hits, I stay euphoric, without coughing. GOOD.The Wulf Digital would be perfect or close, but for the incredibly bad support media, as NO MANUAL, IN THE PACKAGE OR ONLINE, ANYWHERE, but stoners make you watch them fumble the little loads, instead of pinch it and we're in, already.The under-engineered lip area, where the mouthpiece attaches is a problem, but mine broke, after one day, over the logo, so I put a piece of electrical tape, over the little bitey logo, just over the mouthpiece-attachment lip, on the device, and the mouthpiece fits, great, better than before.You won't want your mouthpiece, to fall off, with a load in there, ever, so this is likely why Wulf dumped all these, to get the Sx.

Waste of money

The first one lasted about 3 weeks and then would no longer charge. I never charged it for more than an hour. They sent a replacement and it lasted a week!

Melinda Sharer
Just what I needed

Great experience. My order came very quickly

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