Solid Colored Push Pin Directional Carb Cap


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The Solid Colored is a beautifully crafted, well made carb cap that will enhance your vaping experience.


Product Description

This carb cap will direct air exactly to where you want it, pushing puddles of concentrate around and ensuring nothing gets wasted. Fashioned from durable, top quality glass the Solid Colored Push Pin Directional Carb Cap has the nicest directional airflow on the market. Striking appearance, this carb cap comes in a variety of solid colors adding to its sleek yet trendy appearance. The cylinder stem at the top allows user to easily turn the carb cap with a breeze. This is great for directing the airflow of the piece so that it hits all the sides of the nail, leaving no puddles behind. For those who prefer low temp hits, this piece is ideal, just drop it on your favorite nail and watch as it cleans up all the little puddles by shooting air in harder to reach places. This piece is efficient, sturdy and performance enhancing. At affordable price, make sure to get the Solid Colored Push Pin Directional Carb Cap today!

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