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The Solo 2 Vaporizer is the Arizer's most powerful portable vaporizer yet. Featuring fast conductive heating, a powerful, long-lasting battery and a new digital screen display with highly customizable temperature controls. The easy-to-use Solo 2 is designed for vaping dry herb, which does not need to be ground up before use. The vaporizer itself is slim and simply designed, ideal for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. Included with purchase is dried lavender, four screens, two borosilicate glass stems, a stir tool, an aromatherapy dish and a three pocket carrying case.


Product Description

The vaporizer contains a large, powerful battery, which is strictly rechargeable with the included wall charger. The battery is not removable. With a 30 second warm-up time from being turned on to reaching the highest temperature setting of 220 degrees celsius, you can enjoy your dry herbs quickly. Although the highest setting is 220 degrees, the recommended range for vaping is between 190 and 210 for optimum flavor. The maximum setting is best used for sterilizing a new product. One full charge lasts roughly 20 10-minute sessions, so most users will only have to charge once every few days.

With a new digital screen, customizing features to your liking is easy. To turn the unit on, hold down the center button until a friendly "Hi" appears with a smiley face. After the countdown, the vaporizer can be used. It remembers your last temperature settings, but to set a new temperature, it offers control to the degree. In the digital menu, you can customize the timers, of which the shut-off comes standard at ten minutes and the turn-on delay at six seconds. The screen brightness, the volume of the buttons' beeping and either celsius or Fahrenheit temperature readings are all easily changed.

Loading and using the two included stems is easy. Simply fill the aromatherapy dish with the herb of your choice, either ground or whole, attach the preferred stem, and attach to the pre-heated vaporizer. If you already have a preferred stem, the Solo 2 vaporizer by Arizer is also compatible with stems from the original model. When using ground herb, the small screens can shield you from inhaling particles during a draw. Because of the sleek, open design of the stems, the flavor is intense and clean and draws are easier. The small aromatherapy dish and the delicate heat settings make a little bit of herb last a long time.

The vaporizer itself is very sturdy and tough, though the glass stems require more delicate handling. The design keeps it relatively clean, but the included tool helps to dig out any debris that may fall into the vaporizer unit or any build-up in the stems. To clean, simply swab a q-tip with isopropyl alcohol around the inside of the unit, and soak the stems in the same. While the unit is on the larger side of portable vaporizers, the carrying case is practical and has a clip for attaching to a backpack or belt. With three pockets, one for the unit and two for the stems, the case is relatively discreet as well. Although the parts are high-quality, replacement aroma dishes, mouthpieces, stems and wall and car chargers are available on If you're interested in a more budget-friendly option with a similar appeal and experience, try the original Solo Vaporizer by Arizer. The classic Solo, while less luxurious, has seven temperature settings, provides a full hour of use with a charge and is a full $100 less than the updated version. Both vaporizers are high-quality and offer an excellent vaping experience at different price points.

For any further questions or for purchase, visit or call 888-827-3101. The Solo 2 Vaporizer is available with free shipping.

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