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Shopping for a high-quality vaporizer pen can often seem like quite a daunting task. There are just so many options out there. If you want to find a vape pen that can optimize your vaping enjoyment, however, we can assist you here at GotVape. Our website offers our customers the convenience of a strong selection of the best and most trustworthy vape pens on the market. If you want access to information about all of the latest and greater vaporizer pens available, we take care of all the hard work for you.

There are quite a few different categories of vaporizers in existence. If you're the type of person who has a penchant for vaping alone and while relaxing at home, a desktop vaporizer may be right up your alley. If you're the type of person, on the other hand, who has a passion for vaping while out and about, a portable vaporizer may be a strong match for you. A vape pen, better yet, may be specifically what you need. Vape pens are exactly what they sound like. They're vaping devices that are made in pen form. They're slender units that are made for concentrates, oils and herbs. Since they're shaped a lot like pens, they're incredibly compact and simple to transport. They're made for people who wish to vape while away from home. Although they're made for people who enjoy vaping while not home, vaping fans can choose to use them there as well. Vape pens are identifiable thanks to their clear pen-like shapes. They operate using batteries.

Your Vape Pen for Wax, Oil & Dry Herb

If you want to explore the Internet's finest and most reliable assortment of vaporizer pens, GotVape has everything you could possibly need. We carry vape pens from the biggest and most respected brands out there. We carry vape pens that receive glowing reviews from users. We carry vape pens that are particularly user-friendly and stress-free. It's important for people to avoid making rash decisions regarding vaporizer pen purchases. That's why our website makes it as easy and convenient as possible for visitors to make informed choices. Our vaporizer pen product listings are always detailed, comprehensive and reliable. If you want to learn about all of the features that are part of a specific vape pen you have your eye on, you can trust our thorough listings. If you want to learn how to use a specific vape pen that interests you, you can trust our listings as well. We offer our website visitors the pure convenience of detailed use instructions. It's no joke that we're a vaping product business that consistently goes the extra mile for people.

Reliable Vape Pens

Our vape pen listings can help you choose between the best and most reliable devices around. If you're looking for a vape unit that has a stylish look that's a lot like that of a classic fountain pen, our listings are equipped with clear pictures that can help you out. If you're looking for a vape unit that is made solely for concentrated essential oils, you can read our listings to get moving in the right direction. 

Compact and Mobile Vaporizer Pens

Vaping is all about taking it easy and having a wonderful time. If you're looking for a nice and compact vaping unit that can help you achieve maximum comfort and enjoyment, a vape pen may be fantastic for you. Contact the team at GotVape any time you need additional information regarding a specific vape pen we have in stock. There's simply nothing we love talking about more than vaporizers. If you're all about exemplary customer service, our business is available to provide it for you. Contact us today.

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  • Pax 3 Vaporizer by PAX

    The Pax 3 by Ploom is the latest innovative vaporizer from a brand that is synonymous with top-notch devices that offer extreme functionality. Backed by a 10-year warranty and constructed from the finest medical-grade materials, the Pax 3 carries on the great tradition of the Pax line and adds new elements such as a heating chamber that will vape both concentrates and dry herbs to perfection.


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  • Exxus Mini Vaporizer by Exxus Vape

    The Exxus Mini Vaporizer by Exxus Vape is the smallest vaporizer of its kind, but this unit delivers a great-tasting vape that larger vaporizers find it difficult to duplicate. Don't let the 4 inch tall by 1 inch wide size of the Exxus Mini fool you. It can hold its own against the best vaporizers on the market. Many vapers are now opting for smaller units because they are convenient and easy to use.


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  • GPen Elite Portable Dry Vaporizer

    The G Pen Elite Portable Dry Vaporizer is a compact unit that's made by the team at Grenco Science. The device can work well for dry herbs. Some highlights of this vaporizer are a deep and sizable filling chamber, complete temperature control and LED (light emitting diode) display. Fans of aromatherapy can enjoy this convection vaporizer's streamlined and ergonomic setup. Its filling chamber is made entirely of ceramic. It takes just 30 seconds for this vaporizer to heat up.


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  • Exxus GO Concentrate Vaporizer by Exxus Vape

    Exxus GO Vaporizers are manufactured by Exxus Vape, the popular brand that designed the Exxus Mini and Exxus Maxx. This highly-portable vaporizer is engineered specifically to vaporize essential oils and concentrates, and it does a spectacular job thanks to features like a Triple Quartz XL Atomizer, magnetic base, and five-second warm up time. Exxus Vape is changing the way concentrates are vaped with the Exxus GO.


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  • IQ Vaporizer by Davinci Vaporizers

    The IQ by DaVinci is an innovative and intuitive vaporizer that boasts features such as a 100% ceramic zirconium air path and construction from quality materials that are designed to produce a purer, cleaner vape. This unit also has three distinct modes which permit a high level of customization and precise temperature control. Compact yet powerful, this vaporizer is backed by a 10-year warranty and the legendary reputation of the DaVinci brand.


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  • Loki Touch Vaporizer by Loki Vape

    Loki Vape is taking the vaping community by storm and changing the game. Known for innovation and superior design, this company produces vaporizers for dry herbs and concentrates. At we have Loki Vape Vaporizers as well as Loki Touch replacement parts that may be required to keep these nice rigs in working order. You'll find the best deals from Loki Vape right here and we are also available via live support or email to answer any questions you may have.

    Loki Touch review - Let's Toke About It with Wake 'N Blake and Kayroll from Wake 'N Blake on Vimeo.

  • Sutra Mini by Sutra Vape

    The Sutra Mini by Sutra Vape is a highly portable pure convection vaporizer designed for use with dry herbs and concentrates. With full temperature control, high-quality construction from Stainless Steel and quartz, and a simple method of operation, this aromatherapy device is certain to please everyone that tries it. It renders a healthy amount of flavorful vapor on every pull, and each user can define their own perfect vaping experience by making quick and easy temperature adjustments.

  • Exxus Snap Concentrate Vaporizer by Exxus Vape

    The Exxus Snap Concentrate Vaporizer by Exxus Vape is the perfect stealth unit for those who want a superior experience. It delivers a large volume of vapor and rich flavor from essential oils in a compact form that travels easily. With a no-leak design and magnetic connections, this vaporizer is user-friendly and is a perfect choice for those who are new to vaping concentrates.


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  • Stick V8 TFV8 Big Baby Beast Kit by SMOK

    The Stick V8 Big Baby Beast Kit by SMOK takes all of the performance and power you have come to expect from SMOKTech mods and packs it into a vape pen. Far more portable than a regular box mod, this device delivers the same huge clouds of vapor and rich favor that is a hallmark of the brand's Cloud Beast series of tanks. Now, you can get a legitimate sub ohm experience from a pen-style vaporizer.


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  • Firefly 2 Vaporizer by Firefly

    Called the “iPhone of Vaporizers” by Newsweek, the Firefly 2 by Firefly is a first class vaporizer for vaping dry herbs. Its convection heating technology delivers amazing vapor volume and tremendous flavor from your plant material, and its compact size makes it a perfect choice for those with an active lifestyle.


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  • Limited Edition Galaxy Pen by Kandypens

    The Galaxy by KandyPens might be the most preferred pen-style vaporizers for vaping essential oils and concentrates on the market today. It is attractive and sleek, and has garnered some impressive awards for its performance and durability. Possessed of high-end features such as an elevated air flow system, the Galaxy comes in a variety of aesthetic styles to suit every personality.


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  • SMOK Stick One Plus Starter Kit by SMOKtech
    SMOK Stick One Plus Starter Kit by SMOKtech

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