Vapir NO2 Mesh Screens


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The Vapir No2 Mesh Screens are specifically made for the Vapir No2 Portable Digital Vaporizer.


Product Description

These mesh screens are vital to the vaporization process because screens have a significant effect on vapor quality. The Vapir No2 Mesh Screens are interchangeable and are to be used to replace the mesh screen in the heating chamber or on the mouthpiece of the device. Made out of premium, top-quality stainless-steel material, these mesh screens hold your dry herb into place as hot air flows through them during the course of vaporization. The holes on the screen are small enough to only let through air and keep particles from leaving the heating chamber. When used regularly, resin is produced and the herb sticks to the screens, blocking the screen from its regular usage. Blocked screens affect the quality of vapor produced, so to avoid all that pick up some Vapir No2 Mesh Screens now!

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