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The Vapir brand has been well established in the electronic vaporizer marketplace thanks to their popular products like the NO2, but now they've completely changed the game with the Vapir Rise. The device relies on forced air to create the smoothest, most convenient hits possible, and it works with wax concentrates as well as dried aromatic blends. There's no need for any other expensive equipment to take advantage of your smoking materials.


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The newest iteration of the Rise brings a whole new host of functions along with it, like a No Fan Mode that allows the user to partake in a manual style that doesn't rely on forced air. The No Fan Mode is perfect for more laid back vaping sessions, especially when sharing with a group. If you enjoy the largest clouds you can possibly produce, you'll love the max temperature of 420 degrees Fahrenheit. This high maximum heat works well with the redesigned heating chamber for optimal performance. The chamber is also exceptionally easy to clean after you've finished enjoying your vapor, regardless of whether you use waxy oils or dry blends.

This system takes advantage of a touch-pad interface with a calming blue digital LED display that relays information about temperature and setting. The temperature can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, and the heating element can reach its optimal vaporization temperature in less than a minute. One touch activation provides the fastest heating time possible once the desired settings are entered. The user can change the temperature at intervals of only one degree, which offers far more customizability that the average tabletop vaporizer. Only the most efficient and easy-to-use features are included with the Rise.

One of the defining characteristics of the Rise is it's dual functionality. Most table top vaporizers use one of two different delivery methods. The first involves inhaling through a silicone tube often called a whip, and the second involves filling a balloon or other plastic bag through the use of the forced air function. The Vapir Rise is capable of performing in either fashion. It includes a premium adapter for the balloon that makes filling a breeze. The system is also able to support multiple users when the whip system is employed. The device is able to simultaneously support up to four hoses.

Only the most durable materials are used when manufacturing the Rise. No other device on the market provides the same level of stability and strength. The body is made primarily from high-grade stainless steel, the vapor path is clear and crisp, and the internal fan produces almost no sound at all. A HEPA air filter is used to ensure no foreign material passes with the vapor, and the ceramic heating element is designed for heavy use. The device may be powerful, but it is also quite aesthetically pleasing. It employs a natural, ergonomic design that perfectly accents any decor. When not in use, the device is inconspicuous and easily fits in many locations.

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    Awesome machine - Does it all

    So cool to vape from '-ho-' attachment for up to 4 people. Auto shutdown after 20 min. is nice feature. Temperature and Fan Speed controls are touch sensitive and easy to use. We love how easy it is to share a bowl of -hb- with the 'Multi-User' (-ho-) device. They even included 4 hoses and extra mouthpieces (6) altogether. Ready to party with friends. Bag (Zeppelin) filling is easy and takes about 2 min on high (7). One bad thing is the way you have to remove the 'Chamber' from the Adapter' using the 'Hot Grabber'. Getting it off is tricky enough but getting the 'Chamber' out of the 'Adapter' must be done using tweezers or long nose pliers.

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    Looked good, failed quick, poor support

    The device failed quickly.
    Vapir support is very slow to respond (the 24 hours on their website means send them 4 emails and they'll get back to you a week later).
    When they finally do respond they are unwilling to help or share any information on how to resolve issues.
    They try to scam you out of more money to get the device working.
    I will not purchase from Vapir again.

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    such a beast!

    Great vape, great quality. Its a great desktop vape, I recommend it to anyone.

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