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VaporBlunt Vaporizers

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VaporBlunt eCigs

VaporBlunt aims to provide vapers with the best vaping experience possible. They accomplish this by thinking in terms of the user experience to create products that are intuitive and easy to use. Superior functionality, attractive design and excellent reliability are hallmarks of the VaporBlunt brand. The company offers vaporizers to meet a variety of needs. Whether you need a desktop vaporizer with all the bells and whistles or a traveling companion to enjoy those idle moments throughout the day, VaporBlunt has a product to meet your needs. The company also supplies products under the Baker, Palm and Pinnacle name. 

VaporBlunt offers a range of portable vaporizers and product accessories so that you don't have to settle for a standard vaping session. While the product line is continually evolving and changing, discover vaporizers from the ultra-affordable classic VaporBlunt Vaporizer to the more feature-rich VaporBlunt 2.0.

VaporBlunt Vape

The VaporBlunt Vaporizer is a portable unit that makes it possible to get started quickly. You'll enjoy premium features like a ceramic heating element and a stainless steel filling chamber and effective temperature control. The unit features a one-minute warm-up time, and you'll enjoy continuous use for up to one hour on a single charge. Keep your session active and fresh with the internal stir knob that works to extend the life of your aromatherapy. The unit features a Normal setting that rises to 390F after 30 seconds. Increase the temperature by pressing the control button again to achieve the Super Boost setting at 410F. 

VaporBlunt 2.0 Vaporizer

Representing the next evolution of the VaporBlunt series, the VaporBlunt 2.0 offers a longer battery life and works with essential oils and concentrates. You'll love its compact size, and it's designed to provide you with up to two hours of continuous use. It's also half the size of the original VaporBlunt Vaporizer. The ability to choose from five different temperature settings is one of its premier selling points. It's powerful too, and you can be up and running after a 90-second warmup period. Like the VaporBlunt Vaporizer, it also includes an internal stir knob to improve the life of your blend. For use with essential oils, use the essential oil attachment and take full advantage of its multi-purpose capabilities. 

Pinnacle Vaporizer by VaporBlunt

This vaporizer is one of the smallest vaporizers available on the market. It's manufactured by VaporBlunt, so you'll still get the same high standards in manufacturing. The unit features a one-button operation and two heat settings at 370F and 390F. The option to add a water tool is available to make your session even smoother. The unit features a highly durable design, and it's made to withstand the stresses of traveling through the inclusion of high-impact plastic. Enjoy a 50-minute battery life and a fast charging time. 

VaporBlunt Accessories

Hydrotubes use scientific glass-quality materials to enhance your vaping session and make it even smoother. Choose from dedicated charging cables designed to power your unit at home or get a portable charger to keep your unit charging while traveling. Cleaning brushes for specific VaporBlunt models offer simple and effective maintenance to keep your unit running in optimal condition. You'll also fine flavor tips and other products designed to enhance your experience. 

VaporBlunt Replacement Parts

Over time, parts in your unit may begin to degrade. VaporBlunt offers several replacement parts to help keep your unit running like new. Choose from brand-name screens to give you exceptional filtration and a purer vaping session. Get the right batteries to work with your specific unit. It's also possible to get harder to find items like stir knobs, screws and heating chambers.=