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Vaporizer Batteries

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  • Exxus Twist 1100 mah Battery by Exxus Vape

    The Exxus Twist 1100mAh Battery by Exxus Vape is a sleek, pen style battery with user friendly utility. The pre-installed 1100mAh battery is powered up by the single button activation system and can produce 3.2V-4.8V of power. The lithium ion battery allows users to conduct multiple sessions before the device needs to be recharged. The top portion has a completely integrated 510 thread, female attachment opening. This portion of the unit allows it to easily accommodate many tanks on the market. 


    Available colors:

  • Exxus Ego 900 mah Battery by Exxus Vape
    • 900 mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
    • Triple Temperature Battery
    • For Use With 510/eGo Clearomizers & Atomizers
    • Lock/Unlock Function

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Diverse Choice of Vape Batteries

When people think about vaporization, they often focus solely on the use of reputable vaporizers. A great vaping session, however, requires a lot more than just a superb device. It also calls for a reliable and safe vaporizer battery. If you're on a quest to find the most dependable vaporizer batteries available, Got Vape is more than ready to assist you. Our website's choices in vape batteries are diverse and extensive. That's one of the reasons we have such a committed and tireless customer base.

Vape batteries that are reliable are a significant part of strong and consistent vaporizer use. If you're searching for a vape battery that can improve and simplify your vaping enjoyment, Got Vape is pleased to present you with a wonderful selection of choices. We have many batteries in stock that are appropriate for people who are interested in options that last long, too. If you're wary of vape batteries that seem to die out quickly, we can give you the in-depth guidance you need and want. As indicated before, our choices in vaporization batteries are plentiful. Some of our vape batteries are rather basic. Others, however, are a lot more sophisticated. They're sometimes even suitable for sub ohm vaping purposes. 

Best Brands for Vaporizer Batteries

We're delighted to sell vaporizer batteries that were designed and made by the world's best and most distinguished manufacturers. These esteemed vaping brands include Aspire, Wulf Mods, Conflict Mods, Vapolution, The VaporBlunt, Exxus Vape, Atmos, Vapir, Palm Vaporizer, Magic-Flight and TAO Electronics. We even sell vaporizer batteries made by superstar companies such as Sony Electronics Inc. Samsung and LG Electronics. If you want information on all of the most durable and effective vaping batteries the planet has available to you, Got Vape is truly the answer.

Our thorough battery listings can be excellent for the decision-making process. You can read about available vaping batteries that are suitable for any 18650 mods. You can read about vaping batteries that have 40 amp drains, full portability and quick 60 minute charge times. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a vaporizer battery that can provide you with two full hours of ease, our choices are sure to blow your mind. People who are shopping around for the greatest rechargeable and replacement vape batteries can always count on Got Vape. If you want your mods to work predictably and without interruption, our options in batteries can definitely help you.

Vaporizer Battery Reviews

Customer reviews help drive our website. People flock to us time and time again because they love our all-inclusive product listings. They also flock to us because they find our customer reviews extremely convenient and reliable. If you're trying to figure out if a specific vape battery is a good fit for you, it can be wise to read our customer reviews. Our available reviews often discuss how easy it is to use our products. They often provide fellow shoppers with solid tips. If you want to feel confident about your upcoming vaporizer battery purchase, it can be good to take the time to assess any and all customer reviews you come across.

Your Best Choice of Affordable Vape Batteries

Got Vape is a highly praised website that concentrates on all kinds of necessary vaporization products. We have a strong selection of vape batteries in supply. We also have many e-liquids, sub ohm tanks, portable vaporizers, concentrate tanks, domeless nails, vape cases, clearomizers, volcano vaporizers, herb grinders and vape mods. If you want detailed information that pertains to any of our offerings, notify our hard-working team as soon as possible. We're a vaporization business that is always thinking about exceptional customer service. Contact our Southern California company now.